Signs From Our Loved Ones

Male Cardinals – A Sign From The Other-Side ( Father Figures)

Many father figures ( Dad, Dad figure, grandfather, father in-law etc.) who have passed, bring us cardinals as a sign that they are still here for us, very attentive, loving and caring. I had seen this sign a lot with those who had passed, but I didn’t realize the deeper meaning of it, until we […]

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2019 Energy Insight Has Been Right On Point

I did a segment right before the New Year; “The energy that each month will hold in 2019”. It truly has been blowing me away to look back at this particular segment, and it seems to be ringing true every month. It’s amazing, and if you take a look at the months ahead, it gets […]

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Birds and Feather’s – Signs from our loved ones on the “other side”

  After posting these two pictures and the statement on Facebook “Two signs and confirmations for you this morning.”  I had a ton of questions come in and ask what exactly does this mean. Every time I tried to reply on my Facebook page, I was spiritually stopped and told to blog about it instead. […]

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