Caregiving – By Crysta Lyon

What a beautiful path one has chosen when they decide to be selfless and care for others. There is so much that goes into being a superb provider. If we are providing for those that are ill, in hospice, hospital, etc., I like to refer to you as a walking angel. As your duty is much more than what others perceive. You are strong in your beliefs and comfort those ready to transition from their physical bodies to their spiritual selves. This takes an extraordinary person to help in this transition. One that is caring, strong and has the spiritual tools and knowledge on what to say to someone who may be scared or not ready. This is a space not many are involved in or get to witness. In fact with my experience. I say most of our loved ones will pass away from us as they do not want to scare us or leave that last impression and imprint on us. Walking angels are important. With such a high title, they also need to make sure that they give to themselves, just as much as they give to others. Did you know that if you only give yourself 15% of your time, love and energy that you indeed are only able to give 15% to others? The more you give to yourself, the more you give to others. When we are under 100%, we can feel fatigue, worn out, anxious, sad etc. This is because we are not releasing what we take in. This is why I LOVE working out, not because the tabloids tell me that’s what I need to do, but because when I sweat, I am releasing all that stress and sadness, I may have taken on with my “work”. There are a ton of ways to release energy and feel good. Yoga, meditation, walking, baths, racquetball, baseball, riding a bike, hiking, etc. It is so important to pay attention to what makes you feel good and what makes you feel depleted because everyone is different. This way you can gauge your inner meter and keep it full. You want to be that walking angel of light, not a shell of depletion. To get there, you need to believe that this is what you carry and how you treat yourself, shows it all.

There are so many different descriptions of a caregiver (Father, mother, teacher, coach, spiritualist, etc.), each one being wonderful in their divine way. But remember no matter how you give, make sure you are giving a 100% to yourself.

You are amazing, beautiful, capable and I honor you for the endless hard work, hours and love, that you give to others. Thank you.


Crysta Lyon

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