Breathing Through The Tears

*Taking a slow breath in and out* One of the most important things we can remember, and do for ourselves, is to breathe. Sometimes this is all we can do, and what we should ask of ourselves. Life has turns, bumps and wild, emotional waves. *Breathing in and out* Centering our soul, grounding our heart, and allowing all to whirl around us can help ourselves stay centered and present. We can’t control the energy, emotion or circumstance that is brought to us, but we can breathe through it and stay present. We do not need to figure it all out, or replay what we already know, or have felt. Give your thoughts a rest, and just focusing on simple tasks, like breathing; just breathe. It is completely okay to not be okay. It is essential during these moments to listen to ourselves, and know that when it feels to be too much or too painful, that it is okay to stop and breathe.

Crysta Lyon