Breathing Through The New And Finding An Inner Balance

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You already have what you need to get through this: it is your inner balance and knowing. How do we get there? How do we pause and breathe with so much going on? This new way of living can bring anxious feelings, especially when we are having to work out these new ideas not only for ourselves but even possible for our family. Figuring out homeschool. New daily routines. This can be newly familiar to many people, as well as having to be in multiple energetic boxes at one time. It can be a lot to digest. Taking conscious breaths in between thoughts and doing will be very helpful in helping us to align and encourage a state of calmness through this new way of living. “A growing number of studies show¬†that breathing techniques are effective against anxiety and insomnia” This is a great article in explaining how this approach can calm the body and mind. I love the many examples it gives from a scientific approach. Click HERE to view it. Another thought I found helpful and insightful this morning was to remember that we are not perfect and to not place that expectation on ourselves at this time. Everyone is having to adjust. But to stress on what we think something will look like, or even obsessing on what we think it should be or even placing the energy of how it was will just cause a whirlwind of stress. Everything is new and different. Spirit has truly guided us to flow with what’s given to us in every moment and teaches us to just be in the moment and to not think too far. Just be. Example: If your kids make noise while you’re on a conference call (in your new shared space of business) the next thing is to be okay with it; flow with it. Go with it. Laugh at it. Bring a smile. If it happens, they are kids and they are cute and full of energy. You would be surprised at how many others are experiencing this right now. You would not be alone. Instagram is full of videos of kids hanging on tv hosts’ neck as they are trying to put on a show from their living room. Come on giggle, because if you have kids this is what they do. This includes fur babies. Most people will understand or even share their “new office” as well, by scanning their “new” colleagues (children and fur babies). Think outside the office. Breathe between the rolls you are in and know that everyone is experiencing similar situations. It’s going to be okay because as a collective we will make it this way. We are in this together. Communicate, giggle and create.

After getting this intuitional guidance, I was also guided to a spectacular meditation that I found on Youtube. I love those little universal pulls. Give it a few minutes, and the robotic voice had faded away and was comforting to my soul. I thought I would share its link in case you are interested. HERE it is.

Have a blessed day in your new routine, and know that flowing with the actions that are presented will be sure to bring delightful outcomes that are settling to the heart and mind.

With light and parent love (we will conquer this),

Crysta Lyon

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  1. If you have any references, great articles, meditations or books on the breath and it’s soothing ability, please feel free to share in the comments below.

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