Birthday Wishes

Crysta Lyon 39 Acts Of Kindness

Every year Crysta celebrates her birthday with acts of kindness. We have followed her for years watching her give endlessly. In the previous years, she has even had her family involved and last year; she gave herself 38 acts of kindness. It was so fun to watch her give back to herself, especially after the year her and her family had witnessed. It was moving, inspirational and full of love.

This year a friend invited her on a cruise, so her eyes lit up with excitement when the voyage, was during her birthday! She will be gone from November 6th- 11th ( her birthday is on the 8th) She is going to do a few acts of kindness beforehand, with her children as it is a family tradition now, but the rest will happen on the ship, in Roatan and Cozumel Mexico! There will be 39 acts all together!

We can not wait to hear, what she has done, she will be documenting her acts and will share them with us, when she comes back. You will find this segment posted on her website and facebook.

Crysta’s biggest wish of all is, hoping that you will join her on November 8th and do a R.A.O.K. (Random Act Of Kindness) yourself. Here are a few ideas listed below, we would love for you to share your experience and photos of the acts that you did on her birthday. You can email them to us ( or share on Nomadics facebook page.


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