Begin Now – Dream Now – By Crysta Lyon

Psychic Medium Crysta Lyon Nomadic Medium

We all have something to work on, something to accomplish or dreams we would like to see happen, but the problem is procrastination and excuse making. How many of you have said “I will do “this”, when “that” works out or happens first”. In a lot of cases, you are setting yourself up to fail. Why not do “that” now. Everything is accessible now. Maybe not the big picture, but the start of the big picture is always there, take the first step, either with your thinking or doing. It’s your perception, thoughts, and ego that makes it look like an obstacle and unreachable until something else is present. A lot of times we assume that “this” is the first step, but what if it’s not even supposed to be a part of the equation. Then you will wait all your life for “this” to happen, never accomplishing “that”. Sometimes we may even feel awkward, scared or worried what other’s may think. I’m a believer that everyone is different and here to make a difference in their own unique way, so to judge your path or let someone else judge it for you, is taking away your own intuition and sparkle. Trust yourself. The true key to living is doing all that makes you smile, that inspires your soul and fills your heart with gratitude and love. Be brave. Be Humble. Know that you’re capable and accomplish all that fuels your soul. Begin Now. Dream Now   Crysta Lyon