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Three Card Oracle Reading

Three Card Oracle Readings for only $35 

Now back by popular demand, you can purchase your three-card oracle reading below. An Oracle card deck is very simple and thoughtful. Offering beautiful inspiration and art to give us hope and confirmation for everyday questions, life, guidance, etc. Oracle cards vary and are meant to give guidance,  yet open to individual interpretations, easing our hearts with confirmation of our own intuition. Crysta has several decks that she uses. Some times the cards can come from one deck specifically or multiples. She is guided spiritually each time. Once you sign up, within 48 hrs, we will send you an email that will contain the pdf pictures of the oracle cards, that Crysta has personally picked just for you. Because this will be an immediate exchange, there will be no refunds on this offering. When registering please use the email that you would like for us to use, to send you the pictures. Remember if you don’t have a PayPal account that’s okay, you can choose the button below that and just pay with debit or credit. We look forward to your reading. 

Due to the global circumstance, our oracle card readings are reduced in price to $25 per email reading. Spreading love as far and wide as we can. Stay safe and be well friends.