Animal Connection And Care Class – Boise

18402677_1949074108655208_3487106667142910588_nDate: May 27th
Time: 4:00pm -6:00pm
Place: A Dog Zen Salon – Eagle ID
Price: $35 Dollars per person

(You can purchase your spot online or sign up and pay in person at A DOG ZEN SALON. )

I hope you can join us, this class is very insightful. A holistic approach to caring, training and communicating with all animals.

You can sign up under Animal Care And Wellness or let us know and we can save you a seat and you can pay at the class.

This is a class dedicated to animals (pets, wild, livestock etc) and their people. A unique outlook and approach to their well being (physically, mentally, and spiritually).
Animals are very aware and sensitive. They provide great comfort and healing to humans / care takers / owners. They are true givers and lovers. Do they, however, get warn out by this? By our emotions? Our enviroment? Past trauma? How do we return the favor, by helping them to restore their energy and love? What are some ways to help them with grief? abuse? sadness? neglect? Or, how do we bring them to such a state of peace to be capable to perform and show better?
Open to learning different ways of pampering your pet, and learning how beneficial energy healing really is? What is reiki? Is it ‘hooky’, or is it Fur-real?

All these questions, plus more, will be answered at the Dog Zen Salon with well known pet communicator Crysta Lyon.




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