How To Redeem Your E-card

“The best gifts come from connection, a gift that will forever stay in our hearts.”

Crysta Lyon

Happy Holidays and welcome to NSH. We are so happy that you received such a thoughtful gift. Below we will show you how you can redeem your e-cards/gift certificates. You are only a few steps away to connecting with your loved one(s)

  • Have your code nearby
  • visit HERE (book now) to get to the main page
  • Choose the time zone that your appointment will take place in. If you are traveling this is very important to know that your device will automatically pick up the time zone that you are currently in.
  • Not sure how much is available on your e-card?  click gift certificate. the pictures below show you how to check the balance.

  • After you know your balance you can click back on schedule (shown in big letters on the first picture). Click Medium appointments and choose the best option for you. Click HERE if you would like a more in-depth explanation of each appointment type. You can pick one, with the same amount as your card, or you can put your amount towards a different appointment and pay the difference at check out.
  • Below will show you where to enter your code after a selection has been made and a date and time that best suits you. 
  • Sign in as “new account” or an “existing account” – Then sign for the release and waiver. It can be found HERE at the bottom of the page
  • At this point you can add an “add on to your appointment” or simply just click “Redeem Gift Certificate”
  • If you have any questions or issues, please email us at
  • If something came up and you need to change your date, you can do this by signing into your account. 

Crysta is excited to connect with you and your loved ones. We hope you have a Happy Holiday and a beautiful New Year.

Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC