Month: December 2019

Todays Insight – 12/27/19

One thing that I love about our friends and family that have transitioned to other-side, is how helpful they are in our lives, on a daily basis. Not many people can see the hustle they bring, the love they share and how they run straight to us, wiping our tears, hugging our souls and intentionally […]

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How To Redeem Your E-card

“The best gifts come from connection, a gift that will forever stay in our hearts.” Crysta Lyon Happy Holidays and welcome to NSH. We are so happy that you received such a thoughtful gift. Below we will show you how you can redeem your e-cards/gift certificates. You are only a few steps away to connecting […]

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How To Purchase E-cards For The Holidays

We are getting non-stop emails on how to purchase e-cards for the Holidays, so we wanted to share these easy to follow steps, with you. We hope you are finding balance this Christmas season. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions at Happy Holidays. Go HERE (Book Now) and click on the […]

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