Month: February 2019

I Love You – Todays inspiration and strength

  As I sat and waited for my children to get to the car,  I spotted a man also getting into his car. Instantly, I spiritually connected without even thinking about it. I see stories, strengths, sadness, triumphs, etcetera. Mostly energy blocks that a human is holding onto is those which has caused them deep […]

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This weeks vibe – 2-19-19

    “push your loving light outward (from your heart space), changing and influencing the vibration around you. The highest vibration will turn all perspectives and intentions into the highest form of love. instead of giving into the temptations that surrounds you and becoming what they offer, give to them. Give your light and intention […]

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Happy Valentines Day

  Whether you celebrate Valentine’s day or not It can be somewhat rough when you miss someone that has passed away. Instead of seeking sadness I wanted this post to be dedicated to all the beautiful souls out there that we love and miss the most! Please feel free to post your shout out to […]

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