2019 Energy Insight Has Been Right On Point

I did a segment right before the New Year; “The energy that each month will hold in 2019”. It truly has been blowing me away to look back at this particular segment, and it seems to be ringing true every month. It’s amazing, and if you take a look at the months ahead, it gets better and better. There has been a lot of life detox happening; that’s for certain. It’s time to sift, let go, and vibrate higher; a beautiful awakening to our inner light. “You have to sift through the darkness, before you see the light. This way, we can be grateful in the end.” Keep your head up and take care of yourself. By all means, do NOT take anything personal, as everything is being presented for awareness and growth, not to analyze, ponder or have emotional attachment to it. My favorite sayings this year have been . . .

“Observe Don’t Absorb” “It Happened For Us, Not To Us” “Keep Loving You, This Is The Best Gift You Can Give To Those Around You” “Keep On Keeping On Darling”

– Crysta Lyon

The best part of this is that our loved ones on the other side have been close by, sharing their insight, love, patience, gratitude and wisdom. It’s pretty profound to hear, feel and see the lengths they go through to help us and love us unconditionally. We can do this! Love yourself more and more, and feel the love from them more and more.

OH!! And do I even mention how accurate the affirmations are in this very moment??? So amazing! I’m on this ride with all of you. Each one of us can accomplish anything our soul desires; reach far.


Crysta lyon