Month: August 2017

Mr Lyon And I Went to The Bahamas!

Every year I set new goals and intentions. “Try something new”. This year it was, applying for a passport and using it lol. So, Mr Lyon and I went to the Bahamas this past weekend. It was so fun! Here are a few pics from our trip. I really think an NSH cruise needs to […]

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Birds and Feather’s – Signs from our loved ones on the “other side”

  After posting these two pictures and the statement on Facebook “Two signs and confirmations for you this morning.”  I had a ton of questions come in and ask what exactly does this mean. Every time I tried to reply on my Facebook page, I was spiritually stopped and told to blog about it instead. […]

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Inspiration -08/07/17

Going through my quotes and I ran past this one. I had to share. “You will never be who you once were. With experience and emotion, it tends to shift our inner dialogue, soul and reflection. The key is to be who you are now and swim in great gratitude for how this became a […]

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