Real Haunted “Houses”

A little October fun! Haunted Houses are great, but real haunted places are better, okay waaaay better! Being a medium and a chicken of dark energy, I see a lot EVERYWHERE. At times, the energy can be different and haunting , other times it just feels “normal.” We have traveled and seen the entire country. […]

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Butterfly Confirmation – Quote – By Crysta Lyon


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World Wide Web Medium Event – not a social medium event

If you are a Newsletter holder, you were invited and attended a spectacular event over a week ago. Crysta put on a FREE medium event for VIP holders. This event was beyond beautiful, and the reviews and feedback were more than we dreamed of. Crysta announced something pretty special. WORLDWIDE MEDIUM WEB EVENTS! Bringing medium […]

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Unmasking Truths – By Crysta Lyon

Todays Spiritual message 09/ 26/18, Spiritual Insight By Crysta Lyon, Crysta Lyon Quotes, Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC, Life Guidance, Life Quotes, Quotes on life, Spiritual Quotes

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