Today’s Affirmation/Inspiration – Looking forward with hope

I have always been a girl to search for the light in any darkness. My heart just can’t help it. But, my path would have been dimmer if I hadn’t held onto hope and that better days were right around the corner. It can be overwhelming when we need a clear direction. But, energetically speaking, we will only get 100% clarity once it’s time to see it fully. The little bits of light lead us blindly, sometimes. So, if today is one of those foggy days, just know you are not alone. Follow the path of hope and know it will lead you home (to the center of your heart, where clarity and intuition profoundly exist.)

Start the day with gratitude. “I am grateful for . . .”

March 2023 full moon (worm moon) is here, with the same energy we channeled back in December. “Making the impossible possible.” A wonderful day to manifest, dream and place intention for the future, maybe even sprinkle it with a bit of hope.

Moonstone: A stone energetically known to illuminate your intuition to help you see situations more clearly.

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