Energy Insight – March 2023

Happy March, beautiful friends. I am excited to share with you another energy insight for 2023. I did this in December and will release them monthly instead of yearly. Each month is up for interpretation and how it sets in your heart. I am always down for different insights as well. I love what some of you shared with me on Facebook regarding the energy for March. That’s what makes this family beautiful. Last month we energetically went deep within our heart space. Sometimes that can get heavy and tiring as you see a lot of truths, emotions, and self-love. What I picked up for this month is that it will be all about emerging from the depths to the light to make what seems impossible possible. I told you it was an exciting month and a personal one at that! What does this mean to you? (you can come back mid or end of March to tell me to) I can’t wait to see it unfold. Have a beautiful day and month, friends.

Todays affirmation is below, check it out. Share it. Love it and comment.

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