Today’s Affirmation / Inspiration – Consciously Living

The year I said yes, was the best year of my life. I had lost my smile and drive for life from all I had been through and realized I didn’t allow myself to have fun anymore. Where did she go? Truthfully, I was paralyzed by all kinds of grief. So one year (without telling anyone), I decided to say yes to everything. I was all in when someone asked me to do something or go somewhere within reason. My first adventure was jumping on a trampoline with my kids; the next was eating ice cream before lunch. After that, I found myself at concerts, jumping off of rope swings into the river fully clothed, eating food I wouldn’t even think about, deep sea fishing, and duck hunting (we didn’t get any because I protected them with the light, and was asked if that’s what I did ha ha ha). It was exhilarating! I went outside my comfort zone and found my smile again. It was one of the best years of my life. We all go through something and allow our best parts to go dormant, bring that little kid out of you and have fun again. We must live in the moment and enjoy every second of it instead of being held by it. Plus our loved ones (angels) love living through our eyes and experience, so why not have fun.

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