Energy Insight Into 2023

What a year 2022 was! We could go on forever about the lessons, roadblocks, healing, beauty, and love, but what is in the past stays in the past, and 2023 will prove this theory as it is all about change. Inner change and insight will bring about a beautiful transformation of self. It’s all about us this year, baby! (laughing) Not in an ego sense, but definitely in an energy sense. Once again, I channeled each month but was guided only to share one at a time. So, check back each month as we have some exciting upcoming months. Subscribe below, and every blog will be emailed to you.

JANUARY: This month’s energy is all about embracing the inner lit journey, opening our hearts (with protection) so that we can explore deeply without fear. We are focusing on nurturing our inner light, insight, and intentions and allowing the purest forms of ourselves to shine.

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