Today’s Affirmation/Inspiration – Loving Yourself ALLways

Good morning beautiful friend,

This morning’s insight was beautiful and reminded me of the moment I stood out in the snow catching snowflakes with tears streaming down my face. From afar, I looked playful; from the inside, I was breaking, but at that moment, I was being my best friend and saying HEY! TIME OUT!! Let’s take a break and bring a smile. It was okay for me to bring joy into sorrow. It was okay for me to cry. See, every one of us is going through something. We are not perfect, and one of the biggest life lessons is to show up for yourself in ALL WAYS/ ALWAYS. As empaths, we will help the world and always put ourselves last, but I have a little secret for you. If you put yourself first and hold a light for yourself in all moments, you are helping the people around you more than you could ever imagine. We can’t heal people. We can’t change people. We can’t make anyone do anything, but I can’t say it enough. WE CAN BE AN EXAMPLE AND SHOW UP FOR OURSELVES AS WE DO OTHERS. That is the greatest gift to your friends and family. Showing truth, vulnerability, and how to keep charging forward. Those are gifts we should be sharing in all seasons of life. So today, stop and smile to honor you. TAKE A TIME OUT, FRIEND; it’s okay. Keep your head up, and your heart pointed to the sky, even when you cry. Love, loving you.


Crysta Lyon


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2 thoughts on “Today’s Affirmation/Inspiration – Loving Yourself ALLways

  1. This really was meant for me today. Took a different approach for my lunch hour and treated to singing kids. Brought such love and light to my heart. Couldn’t stop smiling the rest of the day.

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