Today’s Affirmation/Inspiration – Awakening

Good Morning friends, Today, Inspiration is connected directly to my heart. As you know, the other side fascinates me, along with our journeys and transitions, but one thing I find beautiful is the moment we awaken to seeing and knowing for ourselves that our loved ones are okay. No one can take that moment away. Sometimes it’s gentle, other times it’s loud, but either way, you know it’s your person, and that is the beautiful moment where we explore for more. We start to use all of our senses and expand our hearts and mind to further our communication with them. It’s incredible. Of course, there is much more to this topic than a sweet morning blog, but to sum it up is to honor your knowing. Honor your intuition. Honor your gifts. We are all gifted, and our soul recognizes their soul immediately; we should always trust that. The more we trust what we are hearing, feeling, seeing, and knowing, the more we awaken these senses, and the more remarkable and robust the connection will be. Little morning reminders that you are unique and hold a beautiful gift and key to the other side.
Enjoy your day, and I will connect with you tomorrow.

With love,
Crysta Lyon

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