Today’s Affirmation/Inspiration – Flowing With Life

One of the greatest gifts I gave myself was permission not to worry or rush. Everything is energy, so if I were to mix those two energies, I would be worried and stressed every time, and over time I would be distraught and stressed. So I started practicing patience and peace no matter what I was doing. Driving, going to the store, getting ready for work, etc. This can be applied to all parts of your life (energy technique) It worked. Everything is energy, and our thoughts and intention create and shape our reality. It has everything to do with our response and reaction. So in every scenario, give yourself a few ways to respond and pick the response that promotes happiness, flow, and freedom. It takes practice, but soon you will be able to see the layout of life instead of the layout we want to see. And besides you wouldn’t want to miss this opportunity to connect with your loved ones or catch a sign. They love being with us and our daily routine. Happy Friday! Today is a great day to flow with morning and afternoon traffic *wink. Have a great weekend.

  • Turquoise Stone – I find that it’s energy is very relaxing, but protective. It is also known to help bridge a gap with communication.
  • What you listen to or surround yourself with has a vibe, try a more gentle approach or something positive to start the day.

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