Today’s Affirmation/Inspiration – I am conscious of my energy

Today was a great example of why. I woke up tired and depleted. So the mom in me coddled the subconscious part of my spirit until I entirely gave into resting my soul. I am very conscious of my energy, and today was no different. I knew I needed extra time to revamp and energize, so I did. I didn’t give in until it happened. I gave myself no other choice, I would have canceled the day if I had to. This way, I couldn’t talk myself out of it or be distracted with something else to do. It was funny that after my meditation, I remembered our microwave alerting us loudly this weekend that it “may need maintenance.” My soul was doing the same. I had a fun family weekend, but parts of me needed extra love. So I kept after my busy mind, body, and emotion until I was utterly still. It takes practice, but like I always say, the more you tap into wanting to know more about your mind, body, and soul, the more you can heal.

I look forward to this week with total energy, smiles, and laughter, and I bring it with a clear and beautifully lit heart. See you soon! Take care of your mind, body, and soul, dear friends!

Love always,

Crysta Lyon

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