One of my favorite affirmations – Inner light

Sharing an oldie but a goodie. We hope that all of you have a beautiful Thanksgiving yesterday and that you caught all the signs and confirmations from your loved ones. Here’s a re-share of one of my favorite affirmation/inspiration.

Good morning light warriors (Person who bravely stands strong within their light, on their path while staying true to themselves) ha! I think that that definition should be in the dictionary 🥰
Today is all about our inner light and progress. Indeed this journey is about you and only you. Your progress and moves shift everything around you. Where do you want to be? What kind of people do you want around? What is your message? What print do you want to leave in this world? It’s a lot to think about, but once we decide on how we want to feel, everything around us manifests that feeling into objects, friends, soulmates, and a way of living. Be brave to be bold.
Have a great day, and shine your beautiful inner light.

✅ when we heal, our loved ones from the other side surround us and “power up” to help us on our journey. Sometimes we have an army of angels beside us.

✅ great stones for light warrior work

Lapis Lazuli – for spiritual strength (inner truth, inner power, self-confidence)

Clear Quartz – amplifying your energy, light, and intention into the world.

💗 share, love, and comment below; we love hearing from you.

My inner light is my strength

My inner light is my compass and map to my highest good. 

I shine my inner light strongly, bravely, and freely

I love my inner light profoundly 

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