Today’s Affirmation/Inspiration – Life’s Sequence

Good Morning friends. I hope you had a restful but energetically charged weekend. The word sequence came up in meditation this morning, leading to many doors opening. I wanted to share my thoughts. No matter how hard we try to control what the future will look like, we have a flow of life’s sequences that take place. You can only open the second door if you open the first. The sequences range from life lessons, healing, to-do lists, changing our thoughts and perception . . . You name it; it could be a sequence. Instead of fearing the missed door, we have to stay open/present to see what is in front of us, accomplish that task and go to the next. It will linger, get loud, and have neon signs if we keep ignoring it. You will see it. Life sequence(S) is how we continue to grow and awaken. It is the life flow. If you are an empath like myself, you may see door thirty while looking at door one. Even though you can see it, you still have to be patient and start with the first. When we have gifts, it sometimes seems as if we could skip ahead, but as you know, there are valuable teachings as we enter each door on our path. The sequence is the key!
I hope this was helpful. I would love to hear from you in the comments below. Have a wonderful day, and spread joy and gratitude everywhere you go!

  • Lumurian Quartz Crystal – this crystal also came to me in meditation. One of my favorites. Its energy is very calm and soothing, allowing us to access a meditation state quickly. It can also energetically unlock ancient universal wisdom; our soul remembers and uses the knowledge and teachings to access higher vibrational energy/teaching.

Today’s Affirmation/Inspiration

I allow my life’s sequence(s) to flow and open doors to more.

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