Today’s Affirmation/Inspiration – I LOVE ME

I LOVE ME! Sometimes we need to shout this, at least within our hearts. We can be cruel, judgemental, and hard on ourselves and turn around to be the most positive person for others, but what about you!! Loving ourselves begins with our whole selves. Our story. Our triumphs. Our mistakes. Or what would have and could haves. Our unspoken sorries. Our bodies. Our mind. Our spirit and our future. You see, life is meant to be lived and not perfect; every day is trial and error. EVERY DAY. We can’t be perfect; it’s impossible. Not even movies or reality shows are showing the whole reel. To live this life, we must live through our mistakes and love ourselves more and more and more every day. That is how we move forward. That is how we grow; that is how we know what we know. Because that is life. The longer we dwell, the longer we stay in that energy and repeat when we continue to be cruel to our mind, body, and soul. But, if you would compliment it, forgive it, and love it unconditionally like your best friend or soul mate, you would feel that love grow and grow! It’s all about thoughts, flow, energy, and intention. So remember to love yourself completely.

Oh! Last week was love, and this week too! Take care, friends.



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