Today’s Affirmation/Inspiration – Living The Moment

One of the most popular things I have heard from people that are about to die or have departed (the other side) is “I wish”. I wish I had lived happily. I wish I had lived for myself. I wish I had lived fully. I wish I had explored more. I wish I hadn’t waited until retirement to be happy. I wish I had communicated my love and appreciation more. I wish I were more focused and relaxed.

It is so common to say I will do it tomorrow or I can’t wait to do it when . . . We often set ourselves up because we get caught up in the to-do list and forget the for you list. There is a balance, friends. To be very truthful, we will all transition to the other side one way or another. Are you happy with your for-you list? Will you be the one wishing you would have chosen a different path at that moment or lived a little clearer and louder?
So, what can you do today for yourself that your future self will be proud of? This life is meant to be lived. Not to be stuck or hung up on yesterday’s issues. Today we live fully. I don’t think everyone needs to do what we did (travel the entire country at a young age with our kids). Your heart will know what to do each moment of your life. Procrastination will get us every time.

  • What is your for-you list? I like the sound of that instead of a bucket list


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