Today’s Affirmation/ Inspiration – Loving Myself

Our thoughts manifest our reality. Sometimes that is hard to fathom, but when we catch our thoughts, we realize what patterns, energies, and days we choose to go through every day. I love Joe Dispenza’s outlook on this subject. It’s fascinating. That’s why simple change (we talked about yesterday) changes our reality, energy, and surroundings. We have the key, the response, and the boundaries to make this energy a reality. Will it happen overnight? It all depends on what you have gone through, but my first response would be to say no. It takes time to change a habit. The habit needs to be recognized, examined, forgiven, and for us to choose to do differently and continue to do so. Doing what internally feels right and good. Then you keep going. But one of the spiritual keys I love the most is that energy and intention are natural. So the more we do to feel the love, the more we heal it and become it. It is love. It’s all about practice. Try catching your thoughts this weekend. What did you explore? What did you do to bring love in instead? See your body vibrating with love. Did you act differently? Choose different activities. Remove yourself from something that wasn’t so loving? How did that feel?. Eat differently? Etc. See you on Monday! Have a beautiful weekend friends.


  • I am in no way affiliated with Joe Dispenza. I am only sharing what I love and that has inspired me.

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