Today’s Affirmation – Open To LOVE

(singing) Love! Love! Love! Did you know that even when it comes to love, our energy, fears, and projections can block us from experiencing true love? It’s true! Of course, I could go on forever about the hows and the whys, but by giving yourself the love you seek, your soulmate will match the energy you bring and maybe even more! So LOVE LOVE LOVE yourself and if you desire to know more about love, LOOK LOOK LOOK. Some of us didn’t come from great examples, so we must go out on a limb of vulnerability to find healthy ways to be loved and to give love. Worth the wait!

  • Green Jade crystal is all about harmony, and the pink quartz is all about love; the two together are AMAZING!
  • Our loved ones won’t give us all the answers, but they sure love leading us to trust our hearts, open our hearts and fully love with every ounce of our hearts. Call them to help you, and they will give you ways to achieve this energetically. 

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