Todays Affirmation – Open To Change

Change can be scary or exciting, but we would never live differently without it. We create safe worlds and know what’s next, but what happens when you’re willing to allow the universe to lead? You will be on a path full of change. Personal, spiritual, and mental. To grow, we must Go! Go! Go! Go past what we know and have been told. I always say if we are not different then we were last year or even yesterday, then we are not living. We need to be continuously changing and growing.

Are you living your life fully?

  • Chrysocolla is a stone that helps clear our throat and heart chakra for clarity, filled with the energy of wisdom. I love this stone!
  • Breathe – sometimes, we need to learn to breathe through the moments we can’t control while trusting that our highest good is always at hand.

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