Today’s Affirmation – Walking Peacefully

Good morning soul friend,
An excellent tip I learned long ago for walking a lighter path, especially if you are an empath, is realizing that you don’t have to hold the pain, issues, or energy of those surrounding you. That gets tiring and, frankly, energetically exhausting. Instead, we can hold the light for them while they heal but not allow it to become our problem. We have enough to go through with our own stories and grief. Besides, being an example helps more than you would realize. Energy and behavior are contagious; be the positivity and light wherever you go. We each have work to do spiritually, and each person is responsible for their happiness, healing, and awakening. I hope your day is filled with joy. See you tomorrow!

  • Body movement, exercise, walking, writing, meditating, sitting in solitude, and detoxing from electronics are all my favorite things to do when I want to move energy within. In addition, it is helpful not to block ourselves with emotions and stagnating thoughts.
  • What do you do? Is it helpful? I would love to hear from you. Comment and share below.

Today’s Affirmation:

I pack up everyone’s expectations, problems, and perceptions and move peacefully on my journey.
I only allow harmonious energy to swirl within and around me.

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