Today’s Affirmation – I Am

Good Morning, I feel guided to share a little technique to connect with your loved ones. It’s easy but sometimes hard to achieve. Everything is energy and our loved ones are the highest form of it. So the more we can sweep our energy, take care of our thoughts, choose where our energy goes, and stay clear of drama and lower-vibration activities, the more we can communicate and understand those we love. There is another world to explore and understand; they are here to help you. The reason it can be hard to achieve is that we have to be in a constant state of awareness on how our energy is flowing. Observing your everyday can help you with this. It’s all about shifting that energy. Have a beautiful day.

  • “Vibrational energy experts claim that certain emotions and thought patterns, such as joy, peace, and acceptance, create high frequency vibrations, while other feelings and mindsets (such as angerdespair, and fear) vibrate at a lower rate.” Here is the full article by healthline HERE
  • Fluorite is a great stone to wear when connecting with the other-side. It not only sweeps the energy, but helps to vibrate high and bring clarity to being able to hear, feel, see and or just know what our loved ones are showing us.

Today’s Affirmation

I am the creator of my life and the manager of my energy
I am a high vibrational spirit
I open my heart to feel the love that surrounds me

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