Today’s Affirmation – Glowing with Abundance

Good morning friend; you are glowing with abundance and gratitude! Look at you. I am so proud of you for caring for yourself mentally, physically, and spiritually. Sometimes that’s a challenging task, but the number one task most people forget. The more we glow, the more we grow. Are we not feeling so glow-ey? It’s okay; remember, daily energy maintenance is a must, especially when we are energetically going through a new moon solar eclipse. If you keep up with the collective energies, this is a big one filled with intense transformation, recent discoveries of ourselves, creating healthy boundaries, and leaps to our calling and or purpose. It’s a lot, but glowing (keeping your energy high and clear) with gratitude and abundance helps to lock ourselves into this beautiful energy and transformation. You are worthy of the growth and expansion of these newfound pieces! Glow and grow, friend! 

✅ October is quickly coming to an end, do you remember the energy I channeled for each month? October was all about cleansing our body, mind and soul. You can check the article out here and get a sneak peek of what November will hold.

✅ Did you know that thinking positive and being grateful are two great ways to vibrate higher with your energy? It’s all about the energy maintenance.

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Today’s affirmation:

I plant seeds filled with abundance, love and light.

I am glowing with abundance and gratitude. 

I am present, grounded, and grateful.  

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