Todays Affirmation – Validation & Confirmation

Good morning, 

Sometimes simple is better; today, we need to know how much we are loved and guided. Today will be a great day to receive endless validations. Remember saying, “I can see the signs from you,” instead of saying, “I can’t,” make a difference in seeing what we may not understand or know. Then you will soon see that our day is decorated with signs from morning to night.
I hope your day is fantastic and filled with love and calmness.


Crysta Lyon

I awaken, knowing that my team of angels surrounds me and guides me daily.

My heart and eyes are open to seeing and believing. 

Signs of their presence are bold, loving, and everywhere I turn.

Thank you for decorating my day with hope, laughter, and love. 

Nomadic Spiritual Healings llc

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