Today’s Affirmation – Cleansing White Light

Good morning; I hope your light is bright. 

Every day We have a choice to lower our vibration or to cleanse it so that our energy can vibrate high, promoting the purest intention and highest form of love. This doesn’t mean things won’t happen or that we won’t run into challenges; it just means that we are giving ourselves a chance to see the clarity and highest good in everything that comes our way. 

Cleanse and shine your beautiful light!

✅ Is it hard for you to visualize the light? It’s okay. It is very common. Here are a few tips:

  • You can ask your loved ones on the other side and guides to help you with the light. 
  • You can also draw a picture (you don’t have to be an artist), a stick figure with the light going through it, and words surrounding it like clarity, balance, and healed will work too. Everything is all about energy and intention. 

✅ Snowflake obsidian is an excellent stone to help balance the mind and body. 

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Todays Affirmation: 

“I allow the cleansing white light to wash over me and within me, releasing all tension and or heaviness I may be carrying. I replenish what was taken with the purest intention, vibration, and love. I am balanced, grounded and grateful.”

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