Today’s Affirmation – Throat Chakra 10/18/22

Good morning courageous and loving friend, Did you know that one of the most common chakras to be energetically blocked is our throat chakra? It’s True! And of course, this can be for many reasons. Still, they say it is commonly connected to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem and possibly linked to the inability to express ourselves fully. Fear is a significant component too! The throat is one of the easier ones to detect when it’s off balance and not flowing. So with that, affirmations are great for bringing light into your voice and expanding it, and so is doing a chakra cleansing. You are courageous and beautiful, with a voice that needs to be heard. Have a beautiful day! 

✅ You can have your loved ones, guides, and or your preference surround you in light everyday 

✅ Stones connected to the throat chakra to help with balancing the energies are amazonite, lapis lazuli, and blue lace agate, just a few. Which stones do you use? 

✅ Working on ourselves, our healing, and our inner light is an everyday job. 💚

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Today’s affirmation 

I release all blocks, energy, and trauma that keep me from communicating my truth 

“I speak clearly with courage, compassion, and love

I am love – I am courageous – my words matter.”

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