Today’s Affirmation – Committed To My Well-Being 10/17/22

Good morning, A new start to another beautiful week. Did you slip off the tracks over the weekend? It’s okay, friend; it happens. This is precisely why we love Mondays. 

This week’s message is all about being focused and aware. The more you choose to shut down the train of thought, the more you will be mindful of your now. When reprogramming our ways or patterns, it is crucial to be present. It’s not easy, so be gentle with yourself, as all of us are perfectly imperfect! We all wonder and come back. That is a part of the PROCESS and JOURNEY.

✅ What stone are you wearing today? 

✅ Are you feeling more intuitive or receiving more guidance and clarity? That is part of the journey and will continue to strengthen as we keep flowing with our self-love and awareness.

✅ October is pregnancy, infant and child loss awareness month. Keep your eyes open as your signs will come in with a lot of energy this month. Common signs from our babies are ladybugs, rainbows and bunnies. But, they also come in with their own unique signs. When you know, you will know. Please help me send out light to our families through this month and through the holidays.

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Today’s affirmation: 

I am fully committed to my happiness and well being 

I have the strength, trust, and love I need to accomplish my goals. 

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