Today’s Affirmation – Calmness 10/14/22

Happy Friday! My hope for you today is to stay at an energetic level that brings, peace, love and abundance. You have made big strides to get where you are and I am proud of you. Have a beautiful weekend. 

✅ Todays Crystal: 
Black tourmaline: keeps us strongly grounded and energetically protected. 
Citrine: keeps our vibration high 

✅ feather sign – from our guides and loved ones. Great article ➡️

✅ signs are everywhere if we observe, we will see that synchronicities are all around us.

✅ Root and heart chakra meditations and cleansing are where it’s at for this weekends forecast

Todays affirmation: 

“I Embrace the love and knowledge that vibrates within my heart
I am content with my new awakening and sense of being. 
I vibrate at levels that bring great calmness.”
– Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC

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