Todays affirmation of surrender

I love connecting energetically and sharing morning insight and affirmations, which I have truly missed. I hope the moon cleared your heart and worries and gave you faith that when we surrender in our highest good we can glide into what it is supposed to be, not what we have decided it will be. You have support and love surrounding you daily. -Crysta Lyon

* empath – our energy this month has been all about receiving what we give. We are learning to fill our cup before we fill anyone else’s. People feel energetically zapped when they decide not to listen to that little inner light and intuition. Self-love and maintenance are necessary.

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Todays affirmation:

“ I have released any unseen control, patterns, and or emotions that have held me back in the past.

I am aligned with the universe, and my highest potential.”

Crysta Lyon

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