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Good Morning Friends, Happy New Year!

I was guided again this year to do another year of insight; a little sneak peek into the energy I felt for each month of 2022 and our thoughts on what this year will energetically bring. What is beautiful about insight is that nothing is set in stone and everyone’s view will differ from one another. It gives you an idea of the universal energy that takes place every year and each month. This way you can flow. Everything is energy, so if that’s the case why not glide into the highest vibration and form of what is given? Spirit reminds us to stay in the now and flow within that moment, so these insights are more of confirmation of the energy that you will feel and to follow your intuition. I always hear people say “I thought I was the only one that could feel that” or, “I thought I was crazy” I always say “Neither! You are energy sensitive, welcome!”. The more we can share the more we will all feel connected.
There is always a choice, and this year there are many doors to inner greatness that are opening and have been opening in the last year, but we have to manifest it, work for it, believe it, grab it and become it. 2022; The year where we don’t only dream, but we live the dream we dream of. Remember one of the biggest lessons our loved ones (our angels) share with us is to not decorate what we want in detail but to state what we would like to see and feel and allow the universe to guide us. No room for control here, remain completely open and surrender to the universal process. Spiritually surrendering what we think needs to happen and allowing the miraculous to happen. If you caught it, this year is filled with the Angel numbers of 2, ” is usually associated to harmony, balance, consideration, and love. When this number comes to you, it means that you should have more faith in your angels. You should believe in energies that exist in the Universe, which will help you understand better many things in your life. Also, this number means cooperation and peace, so many good things are on the way.” – This connection and correlation floored me with joy and love. One thing that is certain is that we are never alone and our loved ones (angels) are always with us with a much bigger picture and purpose in helping us navigate and heal in this life/ journey. It’s beautiful and miraculous. I hope this year you will join me in the many talks that will happen throughout this year to really embrace, understand and heal from our loved one’s knowledge and new insight. You can sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of our home page (V.I.P. access) and you will be the first to know. Many blessings to you and those you love. Cheers!

The energy of 2022

“The year of awakening to levels never seen or imagined”

JanuaryTrusting what our hearts yearn for without the fog of fear / control in how it will all manifest. Clearing our perception of what seems out of reach and allow ourselves to believe and know that everything is within our grasp. It is our perception, story and experience that allow us to distinguish how close everything is. Just like the side mirrors on our car that state “Objects in the mirror are closer than they appear” same goes with our dreams and manifestations. Give yourself a chance to quiet the ego to see where things stand and how to achieve them. We all have the gift of insight.

February – The month of joy! Exploring what ignites our happiness and taking control of the energies that surround it. Really connecting and taking a moment to recognize what brings us joy. Be creative, explorative and maybe even a little daring into what makes us happy and making decisions centered around it for our highest good. It is amazing to observe your surroundings when we allow this beautiful emotion to be present. It is not only healing but as well as insightful. Joy then becomes the engine to our soul and this is where we can create any story to be one that brings peace and beauty.

March – Exude confidence. Know that the universe hears you and is leading you down an amazing path. Release fear, control and doubt. Affirmations will be very handy in this month to stay in high vibration and to not be tempted to sabotage our capability in manifesting our desires and dreams with our comfortable ways of being. Remember: The tools we used to survive will not be the same tools we use to thrive. Confidence is the key!

April – Brightness and hope will alleviate negativity and give you strength to find your way through a time of challenge. You are destined for good fortune and a positive life that allows your true being to shine. There is always a universal “test” when you dare to dream. Remember it is a test to see if you are truly ready to embark the beauty of being free. Free of fear. Free of control. Free of your past. Free from the negativity. This is when buckling down and fighting with love comes in handy. Sometimes this fight feels heavy when we have gone through a lot. I can only explain it as being an illusion that will try to keep us from expanding. Keep your light, faith and knowing strong you deserve pure happiness. The only way out is from within.

May – Don’t allow your kindness to fade. We are kind by nature and too dull such a beautiful emotion and way of being would be sad. My favorite quote from my journal is “don’t dull your light in fear of bringing out the demons in others, fear becoming what you aren’t, because you don’t want to “hurt” anyone”. Continue to be kind as that is who you are. Maybe the month of May should be a random acts of kindness month. Sharing your kindness under the radar is very healing and freeing.

June – Being compassionate with firm boundaries is okay! Triumph over a negative situation can be beautiful when we put ourselves energetically first. Spiritual boundaries are healthy and okay. Every year we should be spiritually growing, awakening and healing and within doing so we have new boundaries. These are okay. We don’t know until we know. Even then we don’t judge what got us there, we just send light and become thankful for the awakening. Maybe June is a month of calmness and self love to even out the high energies.

July – Bringing positive influence to constructively shape the outcome for the greatest good. Really connecting to our heart chakra and allowing this peace, love and inspiration to lift, create and allow us to keep dreaming. Activities that bring peace can really ground us for this month.

August – Intuition at its finest. You have been gearing up to fine tune what is in your heart and when we can feel this and know that we are unstoppable. “Intuition often referred to as “gut feelings,” “intuition tends to arise holistically and quickly, without awareness of the underlying mental processing of information. Scientists have repeatedly demonstrated how information can register on the brain without conscious awareness and positively influence decision-making and other behavior.” – psychology today

September – Transformation. “The scars of life are marks of courage that your soul has endured.” -Author unknown. These scars are not supposed to hold continued pain, but to be looked at as beauty, strength and inspiration. A very transformative month of healing.

October – Cleansing your body, mind and soul will be very important in this month. “The secret to living a happy life is simple, do everything in its purest form. From living, eating, breathing, thinking to giving.” – Crysta Lyon

November – Powerful blessings entering the world. A time to not only be grateful, but staying open to receiving, while giving to others. A magical month of surrender while our loved ones (angels) show us that giving is beautiful, but receiving can also be as powerful, yet healing. This may be a challenge to the givers out there, but always keeping mind that there is an energetic balance to everything including blessings.

December – We are supported unconditionally, this is an understatement when it comes to our loved ones (angels). Allow inspired ideas and energetic shifts to take place and manifest this month. Shifts can cause us to hibernate, so be mindful and caring to your mind, soul and body this month, nurturing yourselves on a soulful journey to continually receive guidance on the highest energetic level.

I would love to hear your thoughts and experiences each month. I always jot it down and look back to see how accurate the insight is and what it means to me each month. If you choose, this can be a journal prompt for each month. Like I always say, “when it comes to insight, we will see what happens!” Happy New Year.

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