The first hour – conscious decision By Crysta Lyon

I believe being conscious of what you do in the first hour of each day is crucial. It is your manifestation mechanism. It plants seeds for your day. Each moment we open our eyes and what runs through our hearts and mind create the energy and flow for that day. It is so important to be conscious of your thoughts, doings, and patterns the first hour of your awakening, as you are creating your story. So often many wake up with yesterdays woes, past hurts, or busy schedules, this can lower our vibration, emotional state, feeling exhausted, tired and maybe even overwhelmed, but if we work on it and with a conscious change in your routine you can allow better days, and inspiration to run through, ideas to manifest, solutions to appear, thoughts of the highest good to pop up, without force or control they just are there. Higher vibrations: ( “The higher the frequency of your energy or vibration, the lighter you feel in your physical, emotional, and mental bodies. You experience greater personal power, clarity, peace, love, and joy. You have little, if any, discomfort or pain in your physical body, and your emotions are easily dealt with.” – Perfectly explained By Kathy Hadley) This is where I have a continuous light of hope and burn it bright each day no matter the outer circumstance, as each day brings more information, tools, healings, and ways to be more awakened to your inner you. Sometimes that’s all we have for the day is “US” and guess what? THAT”S OKAY! If your mindful of each hour you wake you will allow the new. You will allow the change. You will allow abundance. You will allow the happy vibe. You will allow the gifts of the universe. You will allow yourself to smile. It’s all possible, but it starts with your thoughts and how you rev your energy first thing in the morning. Remember all engines need self-maintenance. With that said what maintenance will you incorporate to assure a well-oiled machine?

I know it may sound crazy but sometimes we benefit getting up even earlier to just be and pamper ourselves the first hour. No chaos, fast movement, being late, etc. Below is a list of things I incorporate in my day. Sometimes it’s all, sometimes it’s some and other days it’s completely new. Be creative and mindful of what feels light and freeing to your whole soul and go from there. Come up with your own list and change it up from time to time. Because each day we may need something different to manage the vibe of that day. And of course, the help from our angels is always present. On the days I feel very low I start by talking to them and then asking for help and they will help you find your light. you don’t even have to do anything, you can just close your eyes and feel the shifting of energy that they are helping you with, then you will have a little more energy and clarity to incorporate other things to your hour. Just make sure you call them by name or ask for the angels that are in the light or of the highest vibration.

  • Allowing the smiles of your loved ones to reach you and greet you in the beginning of each day can change you, charge you and give you hope.
  • Being thankful for it all sends out a wave of energy that lifts us up no matter what we are going through, bringing us to a high vibration (where our heart smiles). Name three things you are grateful for. Now can you name three different things each day?
  • Quiet – In a busy world the first hour of solitude is all we need. I just sit there drink tea and listen to nothing. When we quiet our thoughts completely it feels like you went on 5 vacations! It gives you the rest your soul craves. Sometimes it’s not that we are tired, our soul is tired and it needs a vaca just like our bodies do.
  • Listening to music. Each sound has a different vibration and emotion. I love listening to piano music, high vibration meditation music with Hertz. here are a few that can be found and you can look up more as well. 396 Hz Transforms grief into joy, and guilt into forgiveness. 417 Hz Clears negative energy and blocks from the subconscious. 528 HZ stimulates love and repairs DNA and patterns. 741 HZ Cleanses our vibration of toxins. 852 Hz awakens intuition and brings balance.
  • Tryin to smile while I take in big breaths. It brings me to a level of joy every time. I don’t know why. Try it. See it did it to you too!
  • Going outside or opening a window. Just sitting and being. Going for a walk. Meditating outdoors. yoga outdoors. This is huge for me. The earth’s vibration is so healing and natural and brings us to higher vibration emotionally, physically, and spiritually. Office jobs or being indoors continuously can lower your vibe.
  • Chakra cleansing
  • Meditation
  • Journaling
  • Bubble up – Energetic bubble. Here is a great video I did on how you can go farther than just using a bubble, but how you can decorate it with intention. This includes filling it with a higher vibration of energy. HERE is the link.
  • Pep talk – telling yourself how capable and beautiful you are. It works. It means so much more when it comes from you.
  • Body movement and exercise. This has saved me. I didn’t use to be big into sweating and working out, but it has helped me to release some heavy stuff I was carrying. I have found it to be so beneficial and something I do daily to keep aligned and high vibrational.
  • Eating or drinking things that make me feel good. This is another eye-opener. I was shocked when I started to pay attention to my energy and what foods were lowering it. It will be different for everyone. As we are all different. It’s just all about being aware.
  • Not allowing thoughts, heavy decisions, heavy conversations, grumpy interactions to take place in this hour. this is the time for me to be free of it all.

I would love to hear what you have incorporated in your first hour. You can comment below.

Be well friends and happy Wednesday to each of you.


Crysta Lyon

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