Birds and Feather’s – Signs from our loved ones on the “other side”

After posting this picture and statement on Facebook “Two signs and confirmations for you this morning.”  I had a ton of questions come in and ask what exactly does this mean. Every time I tried to reply on my Facebook page, I was spiritually stopped and told to blog about it instead. So, here we are.

First, let me begin by letting you know that when we transition from the physical life, into the spiritual, we no longer carry the same body movements.  We now rely solely on energy and spiritual connection (we have those moments and connections here in the physical without knowing it).  We are made of energy, everything is. They (our past loved ones) can traverse this energy and can come through and let us know that they are okay, they must do this by moving objects, placing things in our path to trigger memories, bring things to our mind which helps to comfort our physical self, in knowing they are around.  This is why feather’s, birds, insects and change ( quarter’s, pennies . . .) are so popular with the “other side” they are EVERYWHERE.  With that being the case our loved ones can use their energy to move it and place it perfectly in our path to let us know that they are with us, that they love us and that they are okay. This is the beginning stage of communication with the other side. We are so used to the physical and miss it so much, that this is also another reason why they use physical objects, to comfort our physical needs. (we have to see it, to believe it) They can also bring animals, birds, and insects as confirmations, as well. This does not mean that they turned into the animal, but they can (energetically) encourage the butterflies, birds, bunnies, dragonflies, ladybugs . . . . Etc,  to come to us at a perfect time. If you notice a lot of times when we are grieving hard, it’s an important date of theirs or missing them a lot and asking for a sign, they will answer you by bringing these gifts of confirmation. A lot of time’s there is a connection with the insect or animal (example: it being their favorite, a memory, etc.) Another connection can be something we saw when we were at their service. This is VERY common. Maybe your mother didn’t have a connection with butterflies, but at her service, when you were grieving and searching for a sign of her well being,  a butterfly flew right by you. This will now get your attention, and you will correlate all butterflies to be a sign from her. She would know this, so to communicate with you, she will always and forever use a butterfly. It is pretty amazing on how fast ‘they’ pick up these signs and how determined they are to let you know that they are okay and that there is indeed another side.

Once you know your loved ones sign, you can then ask for confirmations. Example: Please bring me a butterfly to show me that you are okay or that you are with me during this difficult time . . .etc  (this has to be a sign that they already use with you to communicate) Put a time limit on it, say in the next 24 hrs. If you see a butterfly physically, on a picture, a tattoo . . . Etc, whatever it may be, do not doubt that this, in fact, was a confirmation and them, sometimes it’s the timing that we give-up on. Remember there is no time on the other-side, so sometimes it can be delayed. It’s very common to then miss the confirmation, because we are no longer looking for it. The more you communicate like this with your loved ones, the more you will trust the process and how beautiful it is. Remember though, sometimes it takes practice on our end. If our minds are going a billion miles an hour or we can’t seem to slow down, we may miss the sign right in front of us. The key to connection is to be as present as you can in this very moment. This is when you will see that they “talk” to us all day. It’s beautiful, but takes practice.

If you don’t know what your sign is, I tell people to trust themselves and their ability to know. Ask them to bring you one, when you question “was that a signs” “did you bring me that?”. Believe yourself 100%. That’s their sign! I have worked with a lot of people in my lifetime and one thing that I can confirm without a doubt is that no one has ever been wrong with establishing a sign, it’s usually our doubt that blinds us from it. Don’t think that you are making it up and please don’t feel that you are crazy. This is how they come through and communicate with us here in the physical.

Because everything is energy once we make a connection or open to seeing one, we won’t stop it. We will always see them. The more that we trust ourselves, take the time for self care and slow down them more we will connect and believe.

Below I will go over a few bird signs and their meanings. These meanings are all things that I have witnessed over the years and the commonalities of their confirmations. Just because I say that this is a sign that is commonly used by a father figure, but you believe your mother brings you this sign, please do not doubt yourself as you would know and you would be 100% right. I am using this information on an enormous scale of experience and observation. I don’t want you to doubt what you already know and feel.

This segment will be all about birds and feather’s and at another time I will write about coins insects and other signs.

Cardinals – I have observed through the years that a lot of Father figures and husbands will use a cardinal as their sign. I found this to be very intriguing especially after I was able to watch a little cardinal family this last spring.  I watched with amazement that the Cardinal male was so protective over his young and more times than the female he would take care of the babies. Feeding them constantly. It was terrific and made a lot of sense to me in why Father figures and husbands would pick a cardinal as their sign. They are showing that they are caring, loving, dedicated and protective, they will always be there to care for us no matter where they are. I have also seen this from Father figures who were distant in ones life (the reasons can be many or maybe didn’t even meet their child in the physical) They are now showing us they have seen their story and have healed profoundly from their choices. Bringing the need to want to shower you with attention and affection and let you know that maybe they weren’t as available in the physical, but now they sit with us and honor who we are. They bring a Cardinal as a sign of change, forgiveness, and unconditional love. If the cardinal is very vocal, this will be a sign that they are trying to or not afraid to communicate and let you know how much they love you and care for you. So many loved ones cross who found it difficult to communicate their feelings here in the physical life. Now that they are over there, they have no fear of being emotional or endearing.  I find this to be so beautiful.

Humming Birds – This is also a ubiquitous bird used with our loved ones who have passed.  With observation, Mother figures (including grandmothers, aunts, and even sisters who were like a mother to us and etc.) will use this bird as their sign. With the mother’s that I have seen use this sign all come in with a very motherly instinct. We all know that hummingbirds are fast, zippy and curious. With this sign, it comes with the notion, that they will always be there for you in a heartbeat. They will also linger around and get your attention until you feel better, relieving all doubt, fear and anxiety that you may be feeling at that moment.  Lot’s of love and admirations comes with watching the hummingbird, being used by motherly figures. One of the biggest validations that I get from my loved ones when they use the humming bird is that they will sit, perch and stay awhile. Not zipping around but sitting still. I have had them do this with me for several moments. Each time I thank my loved ones for being there.

Eagle – I find the eagle to be one of the more amazing ones as this one usually comes in as an urgent bird. It will grab anyones attention quickly (this goes for all big birds, not just an eagle) So, we may associate other birds with our loved ones who have passed, but they will bring the eagle when they need our attention and awareness. So, when an eagle comes, be acutely aware of your thoughts, surroundings, and situations you are currently going through as they are trying to alert you, to pay close attention or to let you know without a doubt that they are with you. Sometimes they go big, because we are missing the smaller signs. This is also a big sign used with the symbol and knowledge of ancestry, so going deep into the family line. A loved one in your ancestry line could be giving you this sign as well.

Robins – I have noticed Robins, to be the universal sign and bird for all of our loved ones from the other side. Robins bring messages of hope and dreams. From mom’s to brother’s aunts and uncles, they all use the Robin as a sign that we will recognize and know, letting us know that they have arrived and that they are healthy, happy and filled with love. When I think of a Robin spiritually, I see it as a sign that a spirit is near and wanting you to know that you are not alone and that they are right there with you.

Owl – This is also another bird that I see often used with Father figures and great father figures.  I also call this bird the story bird. As a lot of spirits from the other side, sons, brother’s, dad’s, daughters, etc will use the owl, to correlate with a memory. I’ve witnessed tremendous commonality of signs and meaning when associated with the Owl. I have also seen owls used with people who had a horrific passing. Alerting their loved ones that they are there and have healed from their story, this includes those who have passed with suicide. Spiritually and energetically speaking it is said that native Americans use the owl totem as medicine to release the past and fly into a healthier future. Which I can see this correlation when used for suicide as they have spent a lot of time healing and now bring this profound insight to help their family and friends to find balance with their grief and to help promote living a life of love and adventure, with them by there side. they know they can’t changed what happen, but they want us to know that they can change and heal deeply when crossing over. It is indeed the deepest healing I have ever felt or seen. It’s hard to explain. The only thing I can say is that it is deeply inspiring and beautiful.  It’s a divine transition that happens and some times takes them a bit too heal, but they will let you know when they can come help us with our grief. Dreams are also a  a very confirming validation that our loved one has made it to the other-side and done with their transition period, even if it’s just a blip of them that we remember in our dream. They are letting us know that they made it and now can communicate with us.  When the owl shows up as your totem or spirit animal it also represents that you are an old soul, so this may be a meaning for them as well. Spiritually advanced.

Doves – A very popular bird that is associated with angels.  Again a lot of our loved ones will use this bird to associate their existence, because of its background to be the bird of peace, joy, love and freedom. I have also seen this bird to be used with very spiritual loved ones as a confirmation of their beliefs.

Finch – With my memory, I think I have only seen finches come through with children (of all ages)  Their vibrant colors get our attention and usually associate with a favorite color or story.  With children, I have also seen them use many of the other birds as they typically associate with family stories or outings.

Blue Birds – Are also very well know with children and young males who have passed.

Feather’s – Feather’s do come from birds; this is a fact. But, it is also an object that our loved ones use, to communicate with us from the “other side”. They are known to be called feather’s from heaven because of this well-known beautiful sign. If you want to dive in deeper with the feather meanings (of which, there are many), you can google or even buy books that discuss their thoughts and messages behind each color and kind.

I loved being able to take this moment to discuss this with you, and I look forward to discussing other signs in the same way.

Remember: Denying our intuition, only makes us blind to the communication. Your loved one’s Miss and love you and know that they do communicate with you every day.

Crysta Lyon

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