Why Spiritual Healing?

Almost all us have our ups and downs in life. And while I’d encourage everyone to seek solace in their loved ones and their personal religion (whatever it may be), sometimes it is nice to consult an outside source of help and healing, who can provide a fresh viewpoint on your situation and help guide you in your own spiritual balance and journey. You may even be able to speak with passed loved ones to help you regain strength, fortitude and healing in your life.

Some people seek spiritual healing for ailments of the body as well. At times we may feel stuck, abandoned and hurt in endless ways. You may feel as you are unable to heal from these “horrific, sad and painful” experiences, but I am here to aid you and teach you that you can heal from the inside out and live in happiness. It’s only a choice and energy healing a way.

I am capable of feeling a persons energy and am intuitively able to sense any blocks or sadness’s that could be holding them back from living, finding happiness in relationships and finding their life purpose. This could be from unpleasant experiences, issues with family, friends, significant others, health issues or work stress. I explain where I see these “problems” and we talk about change and letting go of certain situations. I then clear blocks and energy cords that I feel are holding you back, this allows you to emotionally release from these situations and not let it effect your present or future.
I am not a certified psychiatrist, doctor or counselor and I don’t claim to be. I do believe all things are energy and when you let unsolved issues linger they mess with our growth and relationships. I feel it’s very important that we let these go, to regain a new slate, and let us continue on our destined journey without the set backs.
Here is a great article that I recommend you read, on energy cords.