What I Do

I have been blessed with a beautiful gift to sense and communicate with things beyond our physical world. This offering provides me a fantastic opportunity to help those people who wish to receive messages from loved ones who have passed. Sessions can be hosted in many ways. In person, or a party or event atmosphere. We have had a lot of success with virtual and phone appointments.


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 Psychic Medium Session

I will meet with you and connect with past loved ones who remain involved in your life. Many times this is family members who have passed on but can also include others you were close with like,  spouses, friends and even pets. I ask that your loved ones only give me information that will be for your higher good. This is a great way to close doors that lead to doubt, confusion, depression and an acknowledgment that they are safe and okay. Sometimes they just want you to know how proud they are and how much they love and miss the physical.

LOCAL SESSIONS: Can be held at the local coffee shop or restaurant, if you know someone that I have had a past session with, with a name drop, I would be willing to meet you at your home.



30 min private in-person session ( please see availability for prices )

60 min private in-person session ( please see availability for prices )

(prices can vary depending which state they are located in)



DISTANT ( Phone, Skype & FaceTime)

Remote medium and energy healing sessions over the phone, Skype or face time. I will conduct a session just as if I were in the same room as you. So convenient and very popular.  If you live out of the country, some fees will apply. I will call you at your scheduled time. If this is a Skype appointment, please make sure to like us on skype (nomadicspiritualhealings) I will video call you at the time of your appointment.

This does not change the authenticity of the experience.

Phone 30 min – ( please see availability for prices )

Phone 60 min – ( please see availability for prices )

Skype 30 min – ( please see availability for prices )

Skype 60 min – ( please see availability for prices )



Friends and Family Hour (up to 3 guests can attend your one hr session with you)

A dedicated hour to have your friends & family with you, during your session. For support or to hear from the same people, you are hoping to hear from.
It is fun and exciting to bring the people you love to something so special.

Kids are welcome. A parent or guardian must be present and sign a waiver before the session, for anyone under the age of 18. Crysta works with kids all the time. She makes it very special, age appropriate and memorable for them as well as yourself.

*** You may have up to 3 guests join you in your hour

In Person Friends & Family Private Session 60 min ( please see availability for prices )

Skype Friends & Family Session 60 min – ( please see availability for prices )

Phone  Friends & Family 60 min Session – ( please see availability for prices )



Psychic Medium Group Sessions ( Medium Parties, Special, And Corporate Events )

I specialize in events, parties and fundraisers, as I feel it is a great way to heal and hear from your loved ones in a group setting. The material is lighter and more entertaining if there is a message with significant concern or privacy. You can rest assured that I will keep the anonymity of the subject from the group and disclose it on a personal level. My whole goal is to make sure that everyone feels better than when they first came to me. Parties are meant for opening your heart, laughter, insightful, loving messages and growth of friendship.

You can invite as many people as you would like to a reading. Some clients like to have a party like atmosphere, others are more laid back. It’s all up to you. Party ideas are endless, be creative and have fun.

Here are a few party “styles” that I have done in the past. Family reunions, Bridal parties ( an excellent way for the bride to connect with those close to her and rest at peace knowing they are okay. Allowing for her to continue with the wedding with happiness and not sadness from her loved ones passing.), Family gettogether s (BBQ’S, house parties, restaurants, etc), corporate parties and events (any size), girls night or day. Like I said the ideas are endless and I am very excited to see what you come up with.

*NEW – Virtual Parties: Brought to the surface, by popular demand. Because of the ongoing travel, I had been asked to attend parties and events, virtually. This includes and is not limited to Skype, FaceTime etc. The possibilities are endless but allows me to drop into a party taking place anywhere in the world. It’s incredible, beautiful and brings no difference in my gifts, messages or interaction. I can be on a big screen, or you can huddle around a computer. The experience will always be beautiful, healing one of a kind and at times hysterical. This just goes to show that time and space are irrelevant. Spirit can be present no matter the situation. We have a great tech team that can help ensure your party and connection will run smooth. Just let us know.

The room will likely be loaded with the energy of your passed loved ones vying for attention. The group atmosphere allows even spectators to enjoy the full experience. I ask that everyone who is attending to be at least 18 years of age. I ask of this because most of the time the topic is of adult material. If you think it’s important that a younger person to be involved, please let me know ahead of time, and I will have a form that must be signed. Each guest will be provided with a unique gift bag, and the host/hostess of the party is always free of charge.

These parties can take place in your home, event centers, restaurants. The options are endless.

If you would like for me to appear at your next Event, Fund Raiser, Healing Retreat, Media Event or etc, please contact us at crysta@nomadicspiritualhealings.com

Party Includes:

2hr group reading
gift bag for each ( For in person parties only)
$45 a person up to 25 people
$35 a person 25-50 people
$25 a person 50 plus people


$360 minimum

2 hrs– $45 per person (attendance of 8 paying people and the free host makes up the initial $360. If you have less than 8 paying guest you are still resposible for the minimum and can split the $360 beween yourselves. There is a $90 nonrefundable deposit to hold your party. The $90 will go towards the final costs, which can be collected the day of party or event.

(party prices can be different than stated above. Depending which state they are held in)



((( NEW ))) Our gift certificates have changed!. We use to carry paper ones and now everything is electronic. Hassle-free holidays!. YAY!. If you go to availability ( push the Gift Certificate button) and pick a perfect gift card, for any occasion. Enter the receiver’s email, pick a domination ( they get to choose how they spend it)  lovely message, and then send it right away via email. A few steps to a beautiful and unforgettable gift.


Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC Release and Waiver

  •  I acknowledge that Crysta Lyon / Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC is a Psychic Intuitive and Spiritualist and is in private practice to provide mental/emotional/physical/spiritual support using these healing formats including but not limited to various forms of energy healing modalities.
  •  I understand that Crysta Lyon/ Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC is not a medical professional and that she neither practices medicine nor takes the place of medical treatments or evaluations when needed.
  •  I understand alternative healings are complementary therapies and are not a substitute for standard chiropractic, dental, medical, mental health or psychotherapy treatment.
  •  I realize it is my responsibility and choice to continue ongoing medical treatment and therapies until otherwise advised by my primary care physician.
  •  I understand that if I am taking medications, it is important to stay in close communication with my primary care physician.
  •  I understand that all sessions offered by Crysta Lyon / Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC  have a no refund policy, including energetic scans and customized healing sessions. Energetic scans, personalized healings, and individual healings are completed in exchange for the payment that is received.
  •  I understand that everyone’s session results will be different based on the issues and the healings that are completed. Results are not guaranteed and will vary from person to person. She promises nothing as energy works on its own ability.
  • I understand that Crysta / Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC Medium abilities are for entertainment only. I will not hold Crysta / Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC responsible for any information given and even following my events and actions afterword.
  •  I warrant I am not under duress at this time and my consent is given voluntarily and without coercion.
  •  In consideration of the services, information, and support I have received or will hereafter receive from Crysta Lyon / Nomadic Spiritual healings LLC, I hereby hold harmless Crysta Lyon / Nomadic Spiritual healings LLC from any or all liability in consequence of such services, information and support given, and release and waive all claim for damage howsoever incurred or to be incurred, as a result of such services, information and support.
  • I have read this Release before signing and or excepting a session via in person, e-mail, phone or skype or event ticket from Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC / Crysta Lyon and I understand its effect.
  • We understand that individual circumstances are unavoidable and a cancellation may be necessary. Please email us at crysta@nomadicspiritualhealings.com to cancel or reschedule your appointments. Remember, any cancellation and rescheduling can be done 24 hrs before your appointment. Neglect in doing so within 24hrs, you will lose your full payment.
  • Nomadic Spiritual Healings has the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason at any time, no questions asked.

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