Thank you – XOXOXO

Good Morning,

I am back in Florida, then I am back on tour and off to Butte MT!. I am so excited to see everyone there. MT is booked out, but if you would like to be on the waiting list for any cancellations or last minute changes, please email us at

During my break, (now – June 20th) I am excepting phone and virtual appointments (Skype, Facetime, Facebook Video). We have some availability as early as the 6th and 8th.

Thank you, Minnesota for such an enlightened experience. Star Legacy Foundation is such a beautiful foundation, helping so many families and bringing much-needed awareness and love to stillbirth. Hanging out with the founders for a few days has brought a lot of knowledge and peace. Thank you for having me.

Boise! Where do I start???. You know how to make a girl feel special, that is for sure. I had such a great time being home. I can not thank my family and friends enough for all they did for me behind the scenes. It takes a group of supporters, to pull off what I did, while I was in Boise. Each connection and message were so beautiful and healing. I cried along with you and could feel such great love, coming from your loved ones on the other side. I can not express it enough on how lucky I feel to witness such love. What about the event that took place at A Dog Zen Salon ! That was epic. I can’t believe that everyone that attended received a message, in just a 2 hr period! so amazing. Thank you for joining me, and thank you Zen owners, for having me.
I will be back to Boise, in October. Booking is opened and booking up fast. I can’t wait to see you and remember to sign up for the newsletter, that way you’re notified first on any changes or travel plans.

Sending love and peace to each one of you. Thank you for making this journey a beautiful one.

Crysta Lyon

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A Friendly Reminder – Boise

Hi friends,

Every time I come home, I am shocked on how busy, “little” Boise has become. Because all appointments and parties are booked out, we are needing to be very mindful on start and end times on appointments and parties.  Please make sure you are at least 15 min early for your appointment, so that you can enjoy your complete hour.  Leave plenty of room for the the busy roads. Traffic can be backed up for miles, especially at peek times. I want to make sure that you are not stressed, nor miss your appointment. I look forward to seeing each one of you.

Have a beautiful day!


Crysta Lyon

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Animal Connection And Care Class – Boise

18402677_1949074108655208_3487106667142910588_nDate: May 27th
Time: 4:00pm -6:00pm
Place: A Dog Zen Salon – Eagle ID
Price: $35 Dollars per person

(You can purchase your spot online or sign up and pay in person at A DOG ZEN SALON. )

I hope you can join us, this class is very insightful. A holistic approach to caring, training and communicating with all animals.

You can sign up under Animal Care And Wellness or let us know and we can save you a seat and you can pay at the class.

This is a class dedicated to animals (pets, wild, livestock etc) and their people. A unique outlook and approach to their well being (physically, mentally, and spiritually).
Animals are very aware and sensitive. They provide great comfort and healing to humans / care takers / owners. They are true givers and lovers. Do they, however, get warn out by this? By our emotions? Our enviroment? Past trauma? How do we return the favor, by helping them to restore their energy and love? What are some ways to help them with grief? abuse? sadness? neglect? Or, how do we bring them to such a state of peace to be capable to perform and show better?
Open to learning different ways of pampering your pet, and learning how beneficial energy healing really is? What is reiki? Is it ‘hooky’, or is it Fur-real?

All these questions, plus more, will be answered at the Dog Zen Salon with well known pet communicator Crysta Lyon.




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Happy Mother’s Day!

 Good Morning,

I wanted to wish all Mother’s a very Happy Mother’s Day, today.
Please know that if you are a grieving mother, your child is with you today and every day. Today, they are Celebrating your love, connection, admiration and strength. They will come in with so many symbols and confirmations, just so you know of their well being, love and comfort on the “other side” A passing never separates a child from it’s mother, the bond continues to grow daily. Common signs from children are ladybugs, butterflies, rainbows and coins (quarters,dimes, nickels and pennies) remember that the coins have a date on the them as they use this as further validation that it is them. (birth year, passing year) On the other side, age does not exist, so no matter how old they were here (even a moment into conception) they are on the “other side” in spirit.

If you are grieving from the loss of a Mother and or Mother figure, know that they to, will be celebrating this day with you. They don’t miss holidays and and days that means so much to us. They come in stronger on days like today, for validation of their well being and thanking you for all the thoughts, prayers and messages. Common signs from mother figures are, humming birds, butterflies, roses (even the smell), memories and smells (their cooking, perfume favorite flowers etc) They also love going down memory lane with photos or having you wear their favorite jewelry. Did you know that wearing their objects magnifies their spirit and if you are sensitive and aware, you can “feel” them around you stronger. It is truly beautiful.

If you are a fur baby mom or “pet” mom, know that your beautiful babies are with you as well. Not a day goes by without their presence and love. They guide us and continue to love us and protect us, even in spirit form. Common signs from them are rainbows, their “presence” leading you down memory lane and or giving you the idea to take them to their favorite spots.

I hope you all have beautiful mother’s day!

Sending my love and understanding,

Crysta LyonDSC_0218





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