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Emotions During The Holiday – Healing With Our Loved Ones On The “Other side”

Our loved ones know that this time of year is one of the hardest. They save up their energy so that they can come through stronger during the holidays. With signs, emotions and memories. This is a big part, of the reason we feel a great amount of emotion during this time. We can energetically feel them but don’t know it. It confuses our senses. This is very common during sessions as well. People will get very emotional and flooded with memories a few days before the appointment. This is mostly due to spirit, coming in strong and us being able to feel their love and them coming in with the memories, as they know those can be very healing. They let us know that they are okay, healthy and happy and that they are here for us. So, next time you feel emotional, know that it is because they are close and whispering I love you. This is a beautiful thing. You are able to connect spiritually and emotionally. This is how they communicate and come through. Energy and emotion.
Give yourself time to slow down, close your eyes and tell them to sit with you, hold your hand and hug you. This, of course, will bring on tears, but it is the most amazing feeling. No matter what you feel, if it is anything from the normal, this would be them. Embrace, love and find balance within.
Sending you love and light.
Crysta Lyon
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Protecting your energy during the Holidays

Title: Protecting your energy during the Holidays
Location: Facebook – Group event
Link out: Click here
Description: Join Spiritualist Crysta Lyon for an FREE 2-hour facebook event, on how to protect your energy during the holidays. To feuding families, nasty breakups and fun drama that the holidays can bring. Do we stay, do we go, or do we embrace and just be?

Crysta will be hosting this topic on a private page, to allow privacy and freedom to ask questions and feel free to express ourselves without easy access to the entire Facebook world. If you would like to privately ask a question and stay anonymous you can do this as well. What questions would you like answered?

Crysta will be hosting another event the same day on how to grieve through the holidays if you would like to join us there as well. Here is the link for Grieving through the holidays.

Start Time: 10:00am EST
Date: 2017-11-19
End Time: 12:00pm EST

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Birthday Celebration With 39 Acts Of Kindness



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