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Live to be you. Do what you love, be what you love and create what you love. Live today, with complete love. Don’t accept anything less.

Crysta Lyon
Nomadic Spiritual Healings llc


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Butte MT – Sold Out


This trip is being hosted by a private group. Because they are hosting the trip, they have had first pick on times and dates. As of right now all times and dates are packed. Crysta has opened up every day and possible moment, due to the high volume and interest. We are now making a waiting list (please message or email us at If there is a cancellation, we will contact the wait list as it comes in (first come, first serve). Please make sure to sign up for the NewsLetter, as they are notified first of trips and get first privelige to schedule appointments 3 days before the public announcement. We thank you all for the love and support.

For those that will be meeting with Crysta, she is very excited to meet you. Please visit her website ( to get to know her, and how to make your time with her amazing.


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Nurturing Our Inner Child 6-7-17

Crysta Lyon Child

Today we need to spend some time nurturing our inner child. What does this mean and why?

Working with myself and others, I have recognized that a lot of what we have closed off, worry about, make habits and continue to fear, can stem from either a horrific child hood or just from witnessing our outer world as a child or both. Picking up habits, fears or even negative self talk from those closest to us. We then hold these truths and fears deep inside our bodies, sometimes we don’t even recognize that this is the case, until later in life. I talk about this a lot when I help guide clients in an Energy Healing appointment. We hold emotions from all aspects of our story. These emotions, if sad or negative can close us off to our path, who we are, our inner child etc.¬† It can even cause us to grow up to fast, which in return makes us too serious and missing out on the fun and opportunities, we should experience. It is so important to release it and be okay, to think like a child and act with out fear or remorse. Go play! Allow yourself to smile and laugh again. I allowed my self the time to jump on a trampoline with my children, it was amazing fun and just what I needed to change my whole being. We tend to be too serious as adults. Do things that you used to love. It will bring so much healing. If you don’t have enough time,¬† just start out by giving yourself 5 minutes, or incorporate it as often as you can as you go along your day. Another very healing thing to do, is look at yourself in the mirror and tell your self that you are okay, safe and loved. If you experienced “your horrific” at a younger age, then it is extra important to tell your inner child that you are okay. Did you know that a lot of trauma that happens as a child, can bring PTSD as an adult????. It’s true. This is a great exercise for that as well.

I have Energy Healing appointments  available if your interested. These can help guide you in this area and you can learn and take away spiritual tools, advice and activities, that can also be very helpful.

Spend today, healing and loving the little you.

Enjoy, explore and let go!

Crysta Lyon

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Quotes by Crysta Lyon

“We fear what is true and pure. Do not be afraid to shine your truth, your gift or your love.” – Crysta Lyon

Listen to your intuition and act upon all things that are beautiful. It is very common to let fear sit in our way. Once you pass what is holding you back, you realize how beautiful it truly is, to live the life you see, not from the view of others. Every path is very individualized and unique.

Much Love And Light To Your Journey,
Crysta Lyon
Nomadic Spiritual Healings llc

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