Slowing Down – Inner Peace – By Crysta Lyon

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Maybe you’re in a space right now that holds confusion, questions, and directions. Perhaps it’s even enough to make your head spin. It’s time to slow down and find that inner peace. It’s time to turn down that inner dial. You are taking in too much, energetically, spiritually and physically. Everything is bouncing off each other, causing it to be loud, keeping you continuously busy, physically and in thought. When I say “find that inner peace,” it means shutting down all thoughts, chaos, conversation, entertainment, etc. It’s time for you to be in a space where you can find solitude. Even with being a parent, we can all make the time; we just have to do it. Be creative and find your space of peace. Some find it by taking a weekend trip by themselves, hiking, walking, taking a bath, sitting outside, yoga, working out. It’s where you shut down the brain and can just be. Did you know that even 5 minutes can change your stressful day, into a manageable day? All the distractions, distract us from listening to our inner guidance. You are indeed the only one that will know what’s best for you, but you have to trust yourself and give yourself the time, to hear how you live the now. All things are created for us; it’s our job to stop long enough to see it. I believe wholeheartedly that we came here with a plan and path and that’s why deja vu is mesmerizing. We remember the path we saw. Which then means, that if it is all planned out, then why bring in the energy of worry or fear? Allow each day to unfold as it is supposed to. Don’t try to micromanage and keep yourself in the safe zone; this is only going to cause a build-up of energy and chaos. Relax and remind yourself it’s okay, to just be. All those questions, concerns and life burdens will be answered and handled perfect timing. Trust the flow and find that inner peace. – Crysta Lyon Nomadic Spiritual Healings llc

Today’s Mantra: – Credit:  Eckhart Tolle, Stillness Speaks

” Whenever you deeply accept this moment as it is – no matter what form it takes – you are still, you are at peace.”

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Begin Now – Dream Now – By Crysta Lyon

Psychic Medium Crysta Lyon Nomadic Medium

We all have something to work on, something to accomplish or dreams we would like to see happen, but the problem is procrastination and excuse making. How many of you have said “I will do “this”, when “that” works out or happens first”. In a lot of cases, you are setting yourself up to fail. Why not do “that” now. Everything is accessible now. Maybe not the big picture, but the start of the big picture is always there, take the first step, either with your thinking or doing. It’s your perception, thoughts, and ego that makes it look like an obstacle and unreachable until something else is present. A lot of times we assume that “this” is the first step, but what if it’s not even supposed to be a part of the equation. Then you will wait all your life for “this” to happen, never accomplishing “that”. Sometimes we may even feel awkward, scared or worried what other’s may think. I’m a believer that everyone is different and here to make a difference in their own unique way, so to judge your path or let someone else judge it for you, is taking away your own intuition and sparkle. Trust yourself. The true key to living is doing all that makes you smile, that inspires your soul and fills your heart with gratitude and love. Be brave. Be Humble. Know that you’re capable and accomplish all that fuels your soul. Begin Now. Dream Now   - Crysta Lyon

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What are you holding and reflecting – Mirroring Reflection

Our body holds all. Stories, pain, past, experience and the future, but did you know that it also reflects all that we carry, even the things we don’t want to recognize or talk about. The more we hold, the more we reflect and manifest. Example, holding on to pain, reveals the pain and when reflecting, it causes more to come your way. Stress is the same. The best case in reflecting is the saying “uh oh you woke up on the wrong side of the bed” means you have already decided to have a bad day, your day will reflect your emotion and bring back to you, what you are feeling and seeing. The opposite can happen when we have a good day. Everything goes right; we run into strangers with the same energy and reflection. It’s happy, smooth, inspirational and vibrant. How about low self-esteem, same scenario, if we reflect it, others will act upon it. It is just the law of attraction. That’s why they say it is so important to be mindful of what you are holding and what you are releasing. We create our day, our moment and our story. The awareness alone will help you make a new reflection.
What is in your mirror? How do you reflect? Mantras are very useful if you keep reminding yourself to stay on track and reflect goodness, that you will. – Crysta Lyon

Todays Mantra – Credit: Louise Hay

“I am on an ever-changing journey” – “My life is never stuck or static or stale, for each moment is NEW and FRESH. Every ending is a new point of beginning.

Side note: By Crysta Lyon
Did you know that antique mirrors hold the energy from its surroundings, that is why it is so important to clean them with sage or bless them with prayer. It removes the connection, power, and bad vibe. Releasing it. If you were to have a “dirty” mirror in your home, it has been known to cause depression, influence us in different ways, etc. Another excellent example of what our “inner mirror” can hold. Be aware of your surroundings, thoughts intention and connection as it is all a reflection of the life you live. Be pure. Be you. Reflect what you desire. – Crysta Lyon

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Letting Go Of Resentment – Crysta Lyon

Nomadic Spiritual Healings

Today’s message is about letting go of resentment, anger or past issues with others. One of the most damaging emotions available is anger, regret and resentment. We suffocate ourselves with the what if’s, regrets and ego state, enabling us to heal. Seeing things for what it is, instead of where we came from or what has hurt us, is the first step to healing. Stepping into enlightenment and out of the ego state. When we get angry or wish ill intentions to those who hurt us, it is entirely driven by ego. Ego looking for a quick solution, getting even or wishing the same or more pain. This “game” is never going to have a conclusion, it will only leave you with a swirl of hurt. When we do this we wrap ourselves into a web of misunderstanding and nasty intentions with horrific outcomes. How about taming our ego instead, giving ourselves the chance to look at it in all perspectives and maybe even with compassion. A lot of times we react with experience and emotion and don’t even give the real situation a glance. We are judging it before we can even truly understand or see it. With all perspectives in play, you may see where they are coming from; you may look at what you need to work on, or even see it with compassion and understanding, or even react differently or not react at all. Everything happens for a reason. The reasons may differ, the more you connect to your soul, the more you heal and the more you come from a place of nonjudgement. An area of true understanding of all emotions and what they represent and how we can grow from each one of them, instead of getting even.

“Always breathe and give yourself a chance to see the situation. We cloud ourselves with emotions to soon, not allowing ourselves to see the truth or even see what’s truly going on, we assume or make our past the new reality”

Send With Love,

Crysta Lyon

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