Happy Mother’s Day


Pink carnation flowers in zinc bucket with happy mothers day letter on wood heart

I wanted to wish all Mom’s a beautiful Mother’s Day, including my Mom. I know that today can bring a lot of emotions and sadness. I also wanted to let you know that you are not alone. You are very loved. If your Children or Mom’s are on the “other side” know that today is no exception, they will be giving you signs of their love and well being all day. The more open we are to signs, the more that we see. The more that we trust our intuition when we see one, the more that will come. Here are a few common signs and of course there are a billion personal signs and confirmations that only you will know and see. Never second guess your thoughts on seeing a sign as I have never met someone who was wrong when just knowing a sign from the “other side.” Happy Mothers Day.

With Great Love And Light,

Crysta Lyon


Humming Birds: One of the most common signs from Mother figures on the “other side.” They did not turn into the bird, but if you notice that when you are sad, miss them or think of them, one will appear. Sometimes they linger or even perch. You will know when Mom gives you this beautiful sign.

Flowers: Mom figures love bringing in flowers. Two ways that they do this is one, the smell of flowers. Usually, they’re favorite. The second way is grabbing your attention when their favorite flower is around. Three is encouraging someone else to gift your their favorite flowers as a sign.

Coins: A sign very commonly used by everyone on the other side. This can be pennies, dimes, nickels and quarters. These are very easy to move and are everywhere, so it doesn’t take much to place them right next to you. MOST of the time you can even find their birth year, the passing year or a celebration year as the date on the coin.


Ladybugs: Almost always come from children, but I can’t say that entirely as I have seen a lot of Mom’s use a ladybug for their children as well. I have seen a lot when it comes to ladybugs. I even once had an appointment with a lady, and as she opened the door to her home, she stopped in shock that there was ladybug in my hair. Mind you it was winter, with about a foot of snow on the ground. Some things, we just can’t explain, and that is an even great validation that this is a sign.

Bunnies, Deer, etc.: These are usually signs from our children as well

Butterflies: A sign from both Mom and our children. With their vibrant colors and movement, they can make us stop in our tracks and just watch. This is on purpose because when we pause, we have a higher chance of being able to feel their love.

Signs From Our Angel Babies: They give us signs too. No matter how old they are in the womb. Seconds old to full term. They are your child and will love you unconditionally and will continuously be coming through. One of the sweetest things I “see” and very common is to see a Mom or Dad rocking back and forth and when I “look” to no avail they are rocking their sweet angel baby on their chest, without even knowing that this is what they are doing. It is the sweetest thing I see a lot, no matter where I am. Grocery stores, airports, parks, etc. Other sweet signs are the coins, butterflies, ladybugs and the sound of a baby crying.

Thank you for joining me this Mother’s Day. I hope these signs, intention, love, and healing find a place in your heart and help you find a balance in your grieving.

Here is a link to a video on how to connect and feel your loved ones.


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Gift Certificate Update:

We are getting a lot of inquiries about the date you need to choose when purchasing an E-card. Here is a reply, we answered this morning. Thank you all for your inquiries.

When it shows, pick a date on the gift certificate, that is just to send it to their email on a specific date. Example, if you were early, but wanted to set it up to land on their birthday. The gift certificates are good for a whole year and they get to choose a date and time that best suits them. They just enter their G.C. code at check out. Have a wonderful weekend.

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Inspirational Quotes – By Crysta Lyon

IMG_3142Digging through the journal and ready to share some of my writings, inspiration and healing.


Crysta Lyon


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Making The Right Choices – Inner Wisdom


Florida Psychic Medium Crysta LyonFlorida Psychic Medium Crysta Lyon Florida Psychic Medium Crysta Lyon Crysta Lyon NSH Psychic Medium - Sunrise

Personal growth and guidance is a very intimate and personal journey, with answers that come from within. You are the only one that can make the right choices, because you are the only one with the back story, experience and answers. What is your pull? What is your drive? What is your story? What feels right to you?. You see, there are billions of people in this world and not one has the same story or path as you do. So, to seek guidance and answers from others, could be misleading or send us into a spiral of doubt, because it doesn’t feel right. Be confident and vibrant with what you think. Does it make you happy? Does it fulfill your dreams? Are you smiling? That’s all that matters right? Each journey has its perfect mixture, of experience, emotion, and growth and you are the only ones that can retell that story, share that story and be happy with that story. Even if the story leads you on another path, all experiences happy, sad or maddening are making us stronger and bringing us closer to knowing ourselves, our truth and the gift we came to share with the world. Don’t doubt your thoughts, don’t talk your self out of it, because you’re afraid of judgment. Usually, those who judge, are lost and 90 % of the time there is no judgment at all. It is our mind making up stories, joined in with the ego making us doubt. Talking us out of a lot and distracting us with the what if’s. If it makes you happy, it will make the right surrounding people excited and happy for us. You can make the right choices for yourself, believe in your answers, direction intuition and insight.


Crysta Lyon



Healing Blog Posts: Guidance from our loved ones on the other side, along with guides and angels, to bring forth a beautiful message for the day. Crysta Lyon works with spirit and asks daily, what she should share, and with her guidance, love, and light comes beauty, healing, and balance through the Healing Blog. Sometimes she uses personal experience, stories and always her pictures. Thank you for joining us.  Please feel free to share all posts, but still giving Crysta credit for her beautiful work and insight. Brought to you by Nomadic Spiritual Healings LLC.
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