Happy New Year!

Believe me, when I say it wasn’t you it was a universal thing . . . the intense energy that 2015 brought, was tough.

This year was not easy, but what I noticed and was told by a very amazing woman is that this year was all about digging deep and letting go of all emotions and energy that no longer serve us. But not just any energy, this was the DEEP seeded emotions. Believe me, when I say you weren’t alone. It felt like a tidal wave coming and all you could do was keep swimming, in circles. It was a time of reflection, even though the reflection brought on sadness and fear . . . it was there to show us that we can conquer anything. Yes, even you. This is life and well life can be complicated, but the secret to a beautiful life is letting go of all emotions, circumstances, energy and people that bog us down. That energy stops us from growing. It is time to make room for the new, which so many people will experience in 2016. But, again if your still holding on to that emotion, you will stay on that roller coaster until your done.

Did you know that your thoughts control everything. So, with that said all it really takes is patience, love and  reminders to ourselves how capable and beautiful we are, and changing all negative thoughts into positive ones. Another secret is that EVERYONE experiences something in their life that can be viewed as not positive. This is a part of learning, we need these emotions and experiences to learn and grow. No one is perfect, I mean, no one. It is our duty to no longer judge ourselves or others. It is our duty to look at the situation with an open heart and completely except it for what it is. No longer allowing our ego or teachings to judge or hold on to anything.

It is simpler than you think. Start with excepting yourself. Love yourself, every inch of yourself. Say kind things to yourself. Start really paying attention to how your body and emotions react to your environment . . . . Does it feel good? Are you happy? If not change it.

Example. I have gone up and down with my weight for years and at one point of my life gained 70 lbs from pregnancies, depression and so on. I tried every diet out there ( I did the opposite, of what they were telling me to do and eat), the thing that worked the most for me, is when I dug deep and started really paying attention to how I was feeling and reacting to food, the people surrounding me, my thoughts and so on. I started weeding out everything that made me feel “gross” or sad. Next thing I knew I lost 70 lbs with out even trying and only had a few friends left standing HA HA HA. My foods became healthier, because my mind was healthier.  I became me, because I no longer allowed others to keep me in a low place. I shined with beauty because I excepted and loved my self fully. All of me, even all my mistakes and stories. I fought and only did things that made me feel really good inside. I became a better friend, wife and mother because I surrounded my self with inspirational people. I left the drama behind. Everything expanded on levels unimaginable. I broke free and so can you. It takes loving and forgiving yourself and then you can go out there an conquer the world. We cant do it with sad hearts and low self esteem. Fight for who you truly are.

With all that said we also need to incorporate new things into each year. I always say if your not a different person from the previous year then your not growing spiritually or energetically. It is so important to do so. When we do the same things day after day and year after year it bogs us down. So each year try a new! Not something unrealistic, something that you have always wanted to do. It’s never too late. Or travel, so on. This is your story, so make it exciting.

A little story for you. I was sitting at my husbands, Grandfathers funeral reading and listening to all the things that he had accomplished in his life . . . It was so fun to read. Right then I started thinking of my story, and thought this is pretty simple and not unique. That’s when I really started thinking about what it was that I really wanted to do. What story did I want to tell. That is where traveling the country started to manifest. What do you want your story to say? You can change it when ever and how ever you want. It is never to late, that is just something we convince ourselves of.

I guess my point to this whole post is to tell you to not give up, let go of anything that makes you sad, and except yourself. Everyone is beautiful, but the only time that we actually get to enjoy that is when we except that we are all different, with different paths, experiences and lessons. Do what makes you tick, do what makes you happy and everything else will just fall into place.

Thank you for being a part of my year and story, together we can accomplish anything and everything. Let 2016 be the chapter where you broke free and became you.

Much Love & Light To You & Your Journey,

Crysta Lyon


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