Guided Healing Session

Did you know that Crysta offers these type of sessions.

An amazing opportunity and unique way to heal and grow. Crysta will take you on a personal journey of exploring yourself, your emotions, energetic and emotional blocks and experiences that might have effected you at some point in your life. This experience could help enhance your journey and help you heal the past and catapult you to your next stages of experience and growth. Life can hit us in so many ways and finding balance with everything we have encountered is essential to a beautiful happy life. If you want, your loved ones on the “other side” can also be a part of your guided healing and help guide you in a very unique and individualized way. Just ask for their assistance when talking with Crysta. She looks forward to giving you advice and ways to become your authentic self. Showing you through energy, that we have the power, strength and ability to heal, what we once thought was broken or unfathomable. It’s time to let it go.

*All sessions are private and confidential
*Session is intended for 1 person
*Please note that Crysta is not a Dr, Physician, Psychiatrist and never claims to be. She is born with an incredible gift to feel and “see”. Which is very helpful in the energetic field of healing.




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