Butte MT – Sold Out


This trip is being hosted by a private group. Because they are hosting the trip, they have had first pick on times and dates. As of right now all times and dates are packed. Crysta has opened up every day and possible moment, due to the high volume and interest. We are now making a waiting list (please message or email us at crysta@nomadicspiritualhealings.com). If there is a cancellation, we will contact the wait list as it comes in (first come, first serve). Please make sure to sign up for the NewsLetter, as they are notified first of trips and get first privelige to schedule appointments 3 days before the public announcement. We thank you all for the love and support.

For those that will be meeting with Crysta, she is very excited to meet you. Please visit her website (www.nomadicspiritualhealings.com) to get to know her, and how to make your time with her amazing.


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