A Day Of Giving

Today I am 38 years old. Each year I celebrate my birthday with acts of giving instead of receiving.
This tradition began with my beautiful mother. Every year on my birthday, I would give her a bouquet of flowers to thank her for bringing me into this world and for being such a wonderful mother.
Then Four years ago, on a whim, I decided to perform 34 acts of kindness for strangers and friends (one act of kindness for each year of my life). It makes me a little teary eyed to think back on that very first year and day, that I did this. A good friend of mine and my husband and I spent the day together. They accompanied me as I whisked around town making people smile, laugh and cry (good tears). It was an unbelievably fulfilling experience. If you have been a Facebook friend, for the past few years, you know how big this (Acts of birthday kindness) has all become. An all day, very interactive experience for everyone. I have done acts of kindness for strangers and one year, I even did it strictly for the “other side”. I ran around and set up signs, messages all over town, for people who missed their loved ones. That was mind blowing and so fun.
So much has changed for me in this past year, I think everyone can relate, as this year has really has been a year of exploring ourselves in depth and really paying attention to what makes us, happy sad or upset and then setting healthy boundaries for all things found. It has been one of the most empowering years yet. Physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally.
So, as this day approached, my eyes started to well up with tears. This will be the first year that I don’t do a lot of things, that I have done for so long, out of tradition. I really had to search deep and go past emotion and know that, it’s okay. I do all of this out of the act of love, not tradition. Because I can’t physically do the same, as I have for 30 something years, does not mean I cant mentally. I can Remanence all day long, if I wanted to go there and be in that space. My memories are mine to keep.
So this year, I decided that I have a choice. to either make this a special day or not. Regardless of the situation or differences this year brings.
I decided It was going to be the most vibrant and special birthdays yet.
Today I will be doing 38 acts of kindness and love for a very special person in my life. Yes, all 38 acts of kindness will go to one very strong, beautiful and kind person. I am going to be very thoughtful, kind and come from the deepest love that exists to show this person how loved they are and how much I appreciate their presence. This person surprises me daily on how much she has grown, experienced, helped and accomplished and how strong she can be in the most difficult times. She is a mentor for many and beautiful dedicated wife, great mother, amazing daughter, real sister and thoughtful friend. This person is ME!. I have decided because this year is so different and full of emotion, that I really need to concentrate on fulfilling my needs, hopes and dreams, with my own kindness and unconditional love.
So, today I am going to search deep and wide to make sure I show “me”, how much I love and appreciate me.
I take a lot of time working on my self, but I am guilty for maybe thinking farther with kindness for others, rather than myself. So, this will be different and I am sure so beautiful.
At the end of today, I will share my experience and doings all in one post. I am so excited!
I still would love for you to be a part of this special day by doing your own acts of kindness, for yourself as well. I think a lot of us forget or don’t do it as often as we should. So, take today for YOU. Do something, little or big, just make sure it’s filled with love and deep thoughtfulness. Stay in a space of love.
Please feel free to post your acts in the comments below and let us make this a beautiful day full of self love and doing.
Thank you for joining me for my birthday! You guys help make every year so special. Thank you for filling my “in box” with birthday wishes and gifts. I found them first thing this morning. You guys truly are amazing and I am very thankful to be a part of this story with you.
Crysta Lyon
A birthday, like no other. This was truly an amazing experience. As I write this, I have tears streaming down my face. I think it is so important to stop and give yourself the kindness, that you give to others.So, I did 38 acts of kindness, for me. It felt strange at first, (one thing or even two is easy, but 38!) then I allowed myself to just go with it, smile, laugh and fall in love with my self and my sincere giving. It was life changing and I truly believe that everyone should at least do it once. It felt tricky at first to come up with 38 things. Soon, I just decided that what ever came my way. I would say yes to it. It was so fun and I found my self in the deepest laughter and appreciation, that I said yes, to things I would usually say no to on a TUESDAY. but, thankfully the world, seemed to pause so that, I could just have an amazing day.

38 Acts Of Kindness, for Me

1. I let myself sleep in, no alarms. The day was going to go the way it was suppose to.
2. A meditation based on self love and awareness.
3. Cuddled with the fur babies
4. wrote down 3 things, for our gratitude challenge. I love this challenge! I love reading everyone’s posts.
5. I made my self and the family, a fabulous breakfast. Gluten Free German Pancakes, smothered with blueberries, banana and raw honey, with turkey bacon. It was divine.
6. Family Hug
7. Drank my favorite tea and just sat quietly in my thoughts and company for 45 min. No distractions.
8. I took a “healing” shower. Reiki infused w/ Himalayan salt. So relaxing.
9. Giggled and played with my kids and brought my kid self out to play. It feels so good to just allow yourself to do this with no judgement or expectation.
10. I gave myself many compliments through out the day. I looked in the mirror and stared into my own eyes, when I did this. That was unbelievably healing. This would be a great tool to use if you are a survivor of abuse, low self esteem, what ever it may be. It was so incredibly healing to hear and see my self, saying these words. Powerful.
11. Pedicure. Pampering is a must.
12. Foot massage
13. Having a very meaningful conversation with someone very important to me. You know who you are, thank you.
14. Journal-ing
15. Started a new book, cuddled on the couch.
16. took a 15 min cat nap. SO REFRESHING!
17. Walked in nature. took my time and really embraced the sounds and views.
18. Gave myself a medium reading. So many people came to wish me a happy birthday. It was so fun and filled with laughter. Those visits, really do something to your soul. I received some amazing advice and confirmations. It made my heart glow.
19. I practiced saying yes all day. If I had an idea, i said yes. If I was asked if I wanted to do something I said yes. It was great and my kids loved it too.
20. Sat down and made plans for Christmas. We are big on experience. This will be a great family bonding time, with the kids.
21. Went for a bike ride
22. Sat at the beach. I love the beach. Collected beautiful shells.
23. Sat down with the family and just talked. No phones, no place to go, just chit chatting
24. Sat down and read a ton of birthday wishes. So, sweet.
25. Wrote down a year plan, filled with dreams, hopes and changes.
26. Massage time!
27. Meditation
28. yoga
29. Bought my self a beautiful tote, that I have been wanting
30. Sent my self roses this year. I felt special. It made me smile.
31. Sat quietly and really assured myself that our (my husband and I) choices and boundaries that we have made this year were for the families highest good. Some times you really want to second guess or feel bad about choices that are made. Being an empath is difficult in those scenarios. This is where self love, respect and intuition comes in.
32. Danced and listened to music.
33. jumped on the trampoline, now that is fun!
34. Cooked dinner as a family. We have been doing this consistently. Its so fun, to get everyone involved. I love cooking.
35. Watched a movie, my choice!
36. Ate a cupcake and loved every second of it. ( I made the cupcakes for my self the day before. Really tried to pamper my self and do it myself)
37. My daughter and I had a fashion show and walked like models HA HA HA. ( packing for Boise)
38. Watched the sunset
I thank you all for following this journey and being a part of my special day. I hope you know how important it is to me. I also hope that you can take away from this experience and create your own self love and appreciation with abundance, as this truly is, what it’s all about. We can’t give to other’s until we have given to ourselves. Giving to ourselves, for a whole day is magical and so healing.
I love you Mom, without you this never would be possible. Every act I did, was for me, with love and endless thoughts of you.
Crysta Lyon



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