Animal Connection And Care Class – Boise

18402677_1949074108655208_3487106667142910588_nDate: May 27th
Time: 4:00pm -6:00pm
Place: A Dog Zen Salon – Eagle ID
Price: $35 Dollars per person

(You can purchase your spot online or sign up and pay in person at A DOG ZEN SALON. )

I hope you can join us, this class is very insightful. A holistic approach to caring, training and communicating with all animals.

You can sign up under Animal Care And Wellness or let us know and we can save you a seat and you can pay at the class.

This is a class dedicated to animals (pets, wild, livestock etc) and their people. A unique outlook and approach to their well being (physically, mentally, and spiritually).
Animals are very aware and sensitive. They provide great comfort and healing to humans / care takers / owners. They are true givers and lovers. Do they, however, get warn out by this? By our emotions? Our enviroment? Past trauma? How do we return the favor, by helping them to restore their energy and love? What are some ways to help them with grief? abuse? sadness? neglect? Or, how do we bring them to such a state of peace to be capable to perform and show better?
Open to learning different ways of pampering your pet, and learning how beneficial energy healing really is? What is reiki? Is it ‘hooky’, or is it Fur-real?

All these questions, plus more, will be answered at the Dog Zen Salon with well known pet communicator Crysta Lyon.




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Happy Mother’s Day!

 Good Morning,

I wanted to wish all Mother’s a very Happy Mother’s Day, today.
Please know that if you are a grieving mother, your child is with you today and every day. Today, they are Celebrating your love, connection, admiration and strength. They will come in with so many symbols and confirmations, just so you know of their well being, love and comfort on the “other side” A passing never separates a child from it’s mother, the bond continues to grow daily. Common signs from children are ladybugs, butterflies, rainbows and coins (quarters,dimes, nickels and pennies) remember that the coins have a date on the them as they use this as further validation that it is them. (birth year, passing year) On the other side, age does not exist, so no matter how old they were here (even a moment into conception) they are on the “other side” in spirit.

If you are grieving from the loss of a Mother and or Mother figure, know that they to, will be celebrating this day with you. They don’t miss holidays and and days that means so much to us. They come in stronger on days like today, for validation of their well being and thanking you for all the thoughts, prayers and messages. Common signs from mother figures are, humming birds, butterflies, roses (even the smell), memories and smells (their cooking, perfume favorite flowers etc) They also love going down memory lane with photos or having you wear their favorite jewelry. Did you know that wearing their objects magnifies their spirit and if you are sensitive and aware, you can “feel” them around you stronger. It is truly beautiful.

If you are a fur baby mom or “pet” mom, know that your beautiful babies are with you as well. Not a day goes by without their presence and love. They guide us and continue to love us and protect us, even in spirit form. Common signs from them are rainbows, their “presence” leading you down memory lane and or giving you the idea to take them to their favorite spots.

I hope you all have beautiful mother’s day!

Sending my love and understanding,

Crysta LyonDSC_0218





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Tips for a pleasant and successful session and or party with Crysta.

Little tips to make your experience very enjoyable, works for parties and single sessions

1. Think of your loved ones, that you are wanting to have come through, doing this will bring them to your session. Also being open to who comes through, as you might be very surprised on who it is.

2. Write down a list of questions or people you are hoping to have come through before your reading or party. Crysta does give you time to ask questions at the end, writing them down, will help you remember them.

3. Bringing objects ( A loved ones possession, example: rings, necklaces, pictures ect.) to your sessions and parties are allowed and encouraged. If you do bring an object do NOT tell Crysta about it, as your loved ones might just tell her and that alone would be a great confirmation and it’s always a great surprise for her.

4. Please make sure to set your self in a quiet area, take a couple deep breaths and keep positive and open to the experience. (if in person, you can do this before your session and or going to a party) Remember Crysta can read all energy, so when we are nervous or very doubtful it will interfere with your session.

5. Crysta is very accurate with her readings, but some times clients will hold on to and intently focus on that one person and or one object or memory that they want to have come through. Some times the information comes through that we are wanting and other times they (our loved ones) are telling us what we need to hear at that very moment. Please be open and ready for all messages. Leave all expectations out the door. Holding on to one thing, could be disappointing and also be distracting to the messages that do need to be heard. This is just how spirit works.

6. Please keep notes during your session as a lot of times messages can be for other family or friends that you are close to. Crysta is very confident that if something in your reading does not make sense, that it will to someone else or you will remember it later. It happens all the time.

7. Most of all relax, enjoy and immerse your self in the tranquility. Crysta works hard and takes a lot of energy and time to bring an amazing connection.

* Please remember to silence your phones during all parties and or sessions.



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Time To Travel

I am so excited to announce that I will be traveling again. The first part of the travels has come as a surprise, but I am very honored and can’t wait to give details. This “down” time has been amazing and has given me so much time to work on my books and spend time with my family. Even though this year, is different from what I thought of, or had planned from last year, I’m loving it. With time, I am now understanding it’s direction. This year and into the next, I will be leaning more  towards the phone and virtual sessions. (Skype, Facetime, Facebook) Technology has truly become amazing. I have literally been able to be in 6 states,  in one day, and still sit down to eat dinner with my family. I still want to connect physically, so I will be offering a few in person trips and seminars. For the remainder of the time, I will be leaning more towards the virtual connection and phone sessions, as I have found it to be very beneficial for all parties involved. A lot of clients have expressed their gratitude and how comforting these type of appointments are, because they are in their own space, at a time and place that helps to provide them the opportunity to be comfortable and open to the process. It was like a light bulb that went off, when these type of sessions started happening. So, these last few months have just consisted of virtual and phone appointments. So much more is coming through psychically and spiritually because everyone is relaxed and comfortable. I love this idea and I love that I can still be a mom, cook in between and give kisses as I walk into the next room. My whole journey is to help everyone and as many people as I possibly can, doing it this way, seems like a dream come true. Plus, it has given me so much more time and energy to work on my books. I can’t wait for you to read them! I keep being told that one of them will be out this year. I am just trusting spirit, and take great comfort in knowing, that everything happens just the way and exactly at the time it’s suppose to.

Anyhow, back to traveling! This is this years travel plan. I can’t say that this is the final plan, but as of right now, it is. If anything else happens, you will be the first to know. I can’t wait to see each one of you. I am so EXCITED!!!

Crysta Lyon


Traveling Dates

Minneapolis MN ~  May 15-18th (BOOKED OUT)
Boise ID ~ ~ May 22nd-27th (ALMOST BOOKED OUT)
Butte MT ~ ~ June 22nd-30th (waiting for specifications, waiting list is available. Please email us)
Florida  ~ July 5th-28th (email inquiries only)
Greenwich CT ~ ~ September 18th-21st (available, book now)
Boise ID ~ October 12th-24th (available, book now)



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