Today’s Quote 04-18-18 – By Crysta Lyon

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Weekends Are Back!

still life with tea cup on a wooden tableHave you heard? We brought weekend appointments back! We are so excited, and so is everyone else. This was the most prominent request of 2017. Make sure to reserve your spot as they will book up quick. We promote relaxation, confirmation, and love from the “other side.” Enjoy this particular moment with your loved ones on your day off. You both can relax and take in this beautiful and unique experience together, making it unforgettable.



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Trusting your intuition – By Crysta Lyon

Intuition - By Crysta Lyon Nomadic Spiritual Healings

When we hit the road to live the path we had visioned, it was a scary thought. We wondered if it was even possible. But now looking back, I am so glad we took a chance and showed our kids that you could do anything your heart desires. In fact, we showed them how beautiful the entire country was, traveling in an RV and believing in your dreams. We didn’t win the lottery; we trusted our journey. You can do anything while achieving and believing. You awaken pieces of yourself that are so beautiful when you trust in your decisions and visions. You are the only one that needs this acceptance. If we had listened to the advice given to us by those we looked up to, during that time, we would have been too scared to go. We would have continued to live the “American dream” and felt like we were stuck and unknowing. We fought the negativity from others and the fear within and took a chance because there just had to be more. Looking back we giggle as it was the complete opposite. It was a phenomenal experience for each one of us and gave us an opportunity of a lifetime. Dreaming big can seem scary, until your living it. Do the impossible. Live big. Smile. Stay humble and know that you are beautiful and so is your story. Make it about YOU, not what others think is best for you. Our favorite saying is ” Don’t wait until you retire to do the impossible, know that the impossible can be accomplished any time you decide it is doable. The time is now”.
Crysta Lyon

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Todays Thoughts ” Changing our thoughts and perception” 04/04/18



A beautiful reminder that our thoughts paint our reality. If you’re worried, operate in fear or sadness, this is what you will encounter, until you change your thoughts and perception. Even in the most profound moments of sadness, confusion, and grief, we can gently remind ourselves, that we are okay, we are loved, we are beautiful, that it is okay to feel this moment and that we are not alone.  These uplifting words and encouragement can change the energy and reality around you. Come up with your mantra and fill your energetic bubble, with love, light, hope, and happiness. You to will witness the fantastic benefits and changes that our thoughts can make, by merely changing the way we view and think about life.

This is my mantra for today, what is yours?

“Today will be what it is. I will be who I am. There will be beauty in both”

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