Tips On How To Have A Memorable Medium Appointment With Crysta Lyon

Little tips to make your experience very enjoyable. Works for parties and single sessions.

1. Think of your loved ones, that you are wanting to have come through, doing this will bring them to your session. Also being open to who comes through, as you might be very surprised at who it is.

2. Write down a list of questions or people you are hoping to have come through before your reading or party. Crysta does give you time to ask questions at the end, writing them down, will help you remember them.

3. Bringing objects ( A loved one’s possession, example: rings, necklaces, pictures, etc.) to your sessions and parties are allowed and encouraged. If you do bring an object, do NOT tell Crysta about it, as your loved ones might just tell her and that alone would be a great confirmation and it’s always a great surprise for her.

4. Please make sure to set your self in a quiet area, take a couple of deep breaths and keep positive and open to the experience. (if in person, you can do this before your session and or going to a party) Remember Crysta can read all energy, so when we are nervous or very doubtful, it will interfere with your session.

5. Crysta is very accurate with her readings, but sometimes clients will hold on to and intently focus on that one person and or one object or memory that they want to have come through. Sometimes the information comes through that we are wanting and other times they (our loved ones) are telling us what we need to hear at that very moment. Please be open and ready for all messages. Leave all expectations out the door. Holding on to one thing, could be disappointing and also be distracting to the messages that do need to be heard. This is just how spirit works.

6. Please keep notes during your session as a lot of times messages can be for other family or friends that you are close to. Crysta is very confident that if something in your reading does not make sense, that it will go to someone else or you will remember it later. It happens all the time.

7. Most of all relax, enjoy and immerse your self in the tranquility. Crysta works hard and takes a lot of energy and time to bring an amazing connection.

* Please remember to silence your phones during all parties and or sessions.


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I loved the 9th V.I.P. Party. Here is the Picture that I promised.

Thank you, Eagle River Coffee for sponsoring events and meetings. If you haven’t checked them out yet, you are in for a treat. Organic Coffee, great tasting tea, and delicious gluten-free items. It is eagle’s little-hidden gem, and I am sharing this secret with all of you.

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Boise – Sold Out


Crysta has booked her schedule from morning to night. Unfortunately, there is no more time. But, she does offer virtual, and phone appointments, that is no different than the one on ones. You can book them here. The virtual meetings are amazing because they can happen in your own home.

Another important reminder is to sign up for the news letter.  When Crysta makes plans, travels or special announcements, she lets the News Letter holders know and they book first, three days prior to a public announcement. Make sure you put our email in your address book. We have had a few emails bounce because they thought it was spam. (

Thank you have a great week,

Nomadic Spiritual Healings llc

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A Random Superbowl Fact – 2018

Did you know that your loved ones on the “other side” join the party! They love watching the Superbowl, hooting, and hollering, eating and joining in on the fun. I have even seen them influence their physical loved ones to wager on the right team! So, know as your having fun today, so are your football fans on the “other side.” Enjoy and be safe and please do not drink and drive.

Crysta Lyon
Nomadic Spiritual Healings llc

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